Connecting the 2020 Dots


Many are going through challenging times, so here’s an opportunity to focus on the positives and connect with the BIG picture and the new level of energy that is flowing at this time.

 I've been feeling the call to put together this new 2 hour zoom class for a while now. A chance to "connect some dots" and make some sense of this crazy/amazing time.

Also an opportunity to get excited about how far we've come on this journey of lifetimes, and to set our energy for the rest of this pivotal year.

The event was recorded on 16/17 October and you can access the video recording IMMEDIATELY when you click here.  We had a great session and generated some wonderful energy.

Suitable for those newly awakening as well as those who have been on the path for some time.

For all the details please read on ...


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What a Time this IS to be ALIVE ...

It’s of course a pretty chaotic time for us all with an overload of information, news, theories … not to mention energies. It's also a very exciting time as we anchor a whole new age here on Earth.

If you’d love to get more clarity how all the dots connect at this time of great change on our planet (and feel more at peace about where it’s all leading) please join me for this 2 hour workshop where we’ll cover lots of topics you may be hearing about (and more):

  • Why so much is happening in 2020
  • How it all fits into the larger Earth Cycles (the ones you don’t learn about at school)
  • Why 2012 and 2020 are so connected
  • The Photon Belt
  • The rising Earth Frequency (Schumann Resonance etc)
  • The Ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria (and what they have to do with this time)
  • The 2020 Timeline
  • The Age of Aquarius
  • Why the number codes 144, 11:11, 12:12, 444 etc are coming into your field
  • How we create positive change through our emotions, intentions and vibration
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Ascension and Embodiment
  • The Event Wave
  • The importance of  the coming Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Alignment on the Solstice
  • Earth’s chakras and what’s happening at Uluru on Solstice Day (including ancient prophecies)
  • The unveiling of many truths and theories
  • Why YOU volunteered to be here now and why you are so very needed at this time.

We’ll also experience a powerful journey through time as we remember, release ... and prepare for the next phase.

Ooh there’s so much we covered – what a fun and illuminating session – think of it as a “cliff notes” summary of where we are at right now 🙂 

We’re meeting at the time of the New Moon so we’ll also set some powerful intentions for the rest of the year. Yeah !!


You'll leave feeling at peace and with a deep knowing that All is Well.

Register now for INSTANT Access ... and please let me know about your experiences after you watch :)

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The energy exchange for this magical 2 hour event (includes the video recording) is $44 USD. 

As a bonus you'll also receive my 21 Day Abundant Alignment Process (valued at $33 USD).

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