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A Warm Welcome

YAY ! I'm so glad you're here.

However you've found me, I know we were destined to meet and I'm sooooo happy to connect with you. I know you're here for something special in these times of great transition and perhaps you just need some help remembering what that is (most of us do).

As for me ... I'm a new energy guide/mentor and wayshower  ... and an author too. 

I know what I'm here to do ... and I would love to help you find more clarity about your own path.

You can find out more about me here ... and about my offerings here.

Do take a look around and please contact me if you'd like any more information about how I might be able to support you on your journey.

Much Love,

Julie Ann

It's Time to Align

Get your Daily Practice Happening. Align with the New Higher Frequencies flowing at this time. Let go of Anxiety. Connect with your own Inner Guidance. ABUNDANT ALIGNMENT is HERE.

"Having participated in Julie Ann’s “Abundant Alignment” online course twice, I attest to her thorough and sensitive writing skills that encouraged me to meditate, set intentions and journalize my experience. She was with me every step of the way ... The gentle power of Julie Ann’s voice has guided me through these daily meditations so that when I am finished, I can start my day with joy, compassion and gratitude... As an educator myself, I realize the depth of commitment, faith and truth that she devotes to all who come to meet her. I highly recommend Julie Ann’s courses and meditations for those who seek to improve or find their spiritual fullness. She is a compassionate spiritual leader and in my opinion a true messenger of Divine Love and Light. "

Laara Williamsen
International professional painter and art educator

New Energy Mastery - Meditation Facilitator

A certification program for those bringing in the New Energies through meditation and facilitation. Perfect for coaches, teachers, facilitators, therapists, speakers and team leaders. A modern day Mystery School with Practical Training. Click the Image for more information.

New Energy Coaching

I offer a limited number of personal "one to one" coaching packages per year. Align your vision, work and life with the highest potential timeline. Perfect for heart based entrepreneurs, healers, teachers or those ready to make a change. Right now I have an opening beginning in this month ... please get in touch if you'd like to know more and let's see if we are a resonant match.

Events, Updates and Articles

My latest events, offerings and updates. Visit the "Latest News" tab to see more ...


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