I'd love to work with you - let's see how :)

The basis of all I offer comes from the belief that when You ALIGN with who you truly are ... Miracles happen.

Healing occurs, Guidance Flows, Opportunities open up, Your Path unfolds ... and you remember how magnificent you are and why you are here.

At this pivotal time on the planet, I know my work is to find and connect with special souls like you who are here to make a difference (and YAY here you are). 

So my greatest joy (and my own personal mission) is to offer you tools and support to lead you towards your personal alignment and to help you connect with your own unique guidance. Through these often challenging times of change, that Alignment is not only possible, it's a greatly needed stabilising force and a great gift to all those around you as well as yourself.

Alignment brings inner peace, trust, faith, confidence and knowing. It's the key to shifting into these higher frequencies with ease. 

So where to begin ?

To get a taster of my work why not join my next Pocket of Peace online session ? These short 45 minute audio-only zoom sessions are free (you may make a contribution if you wish). In these sessions we are creating a deeply soothing and healing space to immerse yourself in. So very needed in these often chaotic times. Invite your friends too - all are welcome. The sessions are recorded but you do need to register.

If you like to be able to access everything in one place - the easiest (and very affordable) way to do this is to join my Alignment Portal membership. You'll receive convenient access to lots of tools and meditations, special updates, discounts and access to an online community if you so choose. You'll also get the option to kick off with a (known to be lifechanging) 21 day Abundant Alignment process that's included for free. Monthly memberships are available - a great way to jump in and experience the portal.

You can also purchase the 21-day Abundant Alignment program as a one-off if you'd like to give it a try. 

I facilitate a beautiful inner circle group that meets twice monthly - if you'd like more information please email me and we'll have a chat to see if this is a good fit for you. If you get goosebumps reading this it just might be :)

And if you'd like to go deeper, I am also here to help you step into YOUR mission. My New Energy coaching packages are geared for lightworkers, healers, authors and teachers who are ready to take the next step with their soul-led work. It's time ! I have limited openings for these so do let me know if you'd like to be informed of availability.

 Personal Alignment Sessions are also available.

And of course make sure you're on my mailing list where I offer lots of planetary updates, alignment advice, regular classes and free tools (you'll receive a  meditation just for signing up).

Take a look at what's on offer and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Julie Ann


PS don't forget I'm very active in my facebook communities so come say hello at If You're Looking for a Sign this is It or Seeing 11:11 - A Global Vision.



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