Embodied Alchemy


Embodied Alchemy

is a month long personal journey where we work together on a one to one basis (one call per week and shorter check-ins inbetween).

This is a process where we are actively focused on your embodiment. On bringing the light into your body in a way that opens up your chemistry to shift to the next level. In ways that feel blissful and heart-opening too.

It's about grounding the transformation so you are holding the light consistently. Being it. Owning it.

It may also involve letting go of old ingrained patterns/stories if this is still an issue for you. It's definitely time to get off the roller coaster isn't it ?

We'll be guided by YOUR Ascension team so everything is for your highest potential personal transformation in this divine timing.


There are also codes coming through to be shared at this time.

AND revelations for each one of us about the truth of who we really are (this needs to be owned and embodied too).

Due to the ALCHEMY involved we each need to go through this next level of the ascension/resurrection process internally (ie it's a personal journey), but the guides showed me that it is intended that others hold space for us when we are ready to do this.


Other stuff that's been happening in these new higher frequencies:

Shifting into the Sovereign Self space
Healing of chronic symptoms (headaches etc)
Physical Manifestations of Abundance
Unexpected New Potentials Dropping In
Deep Healing of teenage/child memories - "maiden" wounds ?
Feminine (AND MASCULINE) lineage healing, honoring and reclamation
Closer connection with Ascension team
Reconnection with mystery school lineages and "teachers"
Conscious reconnection with roles in councils of light


I know that YOU will know if this is for you right now. It's a soul calling and you'll feel it.


How it works

Embodied Alchemy is a 1:1 process where we work together for a month as you align your energy/physical bodies with the new frequencies in preparation for your preferred New Earth path of joy and purpose.

We will meet via zoom for FIVE sessions, approx. a week apart.

Each session will go for around 60-90 minutes.

In the sessions we’ll work with your preferences, your higher self (soul) and ascension team to prepare your field/body for optimum health, abundance, love, confidence, radiance, regeneration, fulfilment of purpose and of course ASCENSION.

As part of this process we’ll use "the field" to transmute/alchemise any energies and stories that are no longer in alignment.

In between the longer sessions we’ll check in daily via message or short calls to assess outcomes, celebrate wins and miracles :), tweak energies or whatever else is required.

It's so important to have a witness to the magical shifts you will be experiencing (that would be me).

This is also to keep you accountable and on track with your practice ....

Each day over the 28+ day period you’ll also consciously work with recommended processes (allow at least 30 mins) to align with the new earth energies.

Together we’ll be co-creating a practice that’s just right for you based on your personal soul path and lineage.

If you are called to this your body already knows what to do … you’re wired for this evolution. You just need to create the conditions for this process to unfold with ease.

Your soul gifts may also bring through modalities and pathways to explore as you remember your soul plan for this next phase.


What People are Saying ...


"Julie Ann's mastery is superb as she with the Ascension team, mentally and spiritually guided me through the process with Divine magic, in my case, to reawaken self.

Exciting it is to have alignment poised for fullest potential in the New Earth frequencies of joy, love and purpose."



"I feel I have tapped into my power, strengths, confidence, health and knowing.
I feel I have found the fountain of youth.
I feel clearer, lighter and healthier than ever before.
I have had friends ask me what I was doing differently as I was looking so good and so much younger!
I previously had headaches everyday and barometric pressure change migraines.
The biggest bonus is being pain-free, my skin looking and feeling better, losing a few pounds, my shape changing, my clothes fitting better, feeling aligned and expansive while feeling more present and embodied than ever before.

My chiropractor also asked what I was doing as it seemed my body was reprogramming itself."


"If I was to describe this process I think I would say it’s Spring cleaning on steroids.
It has helped me to embrace my past, feel the power of unconditional love and manifest my dreams.
Nothing could have prepared me for how much this process was going to change me and my life, plus the life of my loved ones.
I’m blown away by the transformation and transmutation within.... words fail me.
However love and gratitude to Julie Ann flow from me."


"I am now confident in my manifesting and co-creating abilities, sure of my ability to create the life of my choosing, freedom and independence and self sovereignty.

I love myself deeper than ever before and did I mention it is so much darn fun!!

How I envision my life has changed, expanded, morphed and filled with possibility! I am more joyous and at peace and excited about my unlimited potential and future than ever before. "


If you're feeling this could be for you please email me at [email protected] to arrange a chat and/or for pricing details.


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