New Energy Coaching


Are you a heart-based entrepreneur, healer, practitioner, teacher, lightworker or author who is ready to take your work to the next level ?

Or perhaps you are really wanting to make a change into what "lights you up" and looking for clarity about your next steps ?


Many of us have been waiting for this new wave of energy to arrive so we can finally do what we REALLY came here for. 


New energy coaching is for you if you are here to do “work” that is aligned with the New Earth vision. It’s about aligning your energy, being and actions so that you embody your personal mission.


Close your eyes for a minute and feel into the energy of this offering. You’ll know if it's for you.


The old ways of creating and marketing don’t resonate with those of us who are here to bring positive change to our planet. But we do need to find aligned ways to bring our important energy, messages, gifts and offerings to the world.


New Energy Coaching is a 1:1 personal online experience. We combine the energetic with the practical to bring your creations (and all of you) to life and to market.


We’ll be focusing on energy/alignment, your vision, embodying your “brand”, practical tools and more. I’ll be bringing my IT skills to the fore and helping you with actually getting stuff done. Social media, mailing lists, website design, payment options ... or whatever it is you need to create to help bring your vision into being.


How does it work ?

This is a committed "project" we work on together over an agreed time period or number of calls.

  • When you sign up you’ll receive a comprehensive New Energy Questionnaire to help you clarify your goals for the process.
  • We’ll meet for an initial 3-4 hour deep dive session where we get aligned and clear, and map out a plan for priorities and moving forward.
  • We’ll then connect for regular (weekly or at your pace) calls which are focused on both energy alignment and tasks. These calls are 60-90 minutes in length.
  • Between the calls I’m available via text and email (24 hour turnaround on weekdays) or for short informal calls if needed. I’ll also be helping you with creating and editing copy, researching, follow-up tasks and more. As well as cheerleading and holding space for your magnificence to emerge !!


Calls may be audio or video (your preference each time) and are held using zoom. Technical work can be done via screen sharing (ahhh the wonders of technology). All calls are recorded and stored in your private coaching area on my site, so you’ll have them to refer to forever.


 Packages are available for:

  • 6 week
  • 3 month &
  • 6 month



Why work with me ?

This coaching is unique as it's for those special beings who are called to be wayshowers in this new energy. The extra gift I bring to the table is an ability to embody the new frequencies and hold the space (for those who are resonant) to come into more sustained alignment. That's why I love working 1:1 with amazing people like you, as together we co-create magic.

I am also a "techie" (my background is in IT and I am very hands-on), I'm experienced in creating engaged social tribes, AND in marketing from the heart in my own business. 

This "Coaching" allows me to utilise all the parts of me to help YOU do the same for yourself.   


"I am tech challenged and the process of establishing a website was very intimidating.

With her New Energy Coaching, Julie Ann helped me overcome my fears with her continual confidence in my ability to learn.

She is competent, enthusiastic, compassionate and a terrific cheerleader! She makes the process fun.

Sensitive to the rapidly changing times, she utilizes meditation and intuition to deepen the experience and make the work more relevant and purposeful.

I highly recommend her services!"

Judith MacDonald, USA
Angel Tone Blessings


"I can't recommend Julie Ann highly enough! She is gifted, supportive, kind, and a true partner in whatever your project may be.

She is a powerful presence, will keenly and intuitively tune into you, and the bigger picture.

Her meditations are phenomenal. Her guidance is unparalleled. I could not ask for a better person in my corner assisting me to bring my dreams and projects into reality.

Julie Ann will assist you with anything you need to elevate your life and

then some!! I cherish her presence in my life."

Jill S. Macdonald, Author, USA


If you're feeling this could be for you please email me at [email protected] to arrange a chat and/or for pricing details.


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