Join the Next Pocket of Peace

Find your own space of Peace in these Transformational Times - Details Below !

About the Pockets of Peace


Pockets of Peace are 45 minute live audio-only sessions where we can take some precious time out to align with the energies and simply BE.

In the middle of so much flux and change we could all use more pockets of peace - yes ?

The sessions have the following format:


5 mins informal chat and wellbeing check-in (not recorded)

10 mins lead-in and energy update

20 mins deep peace meditation

10 mins review/sharing


The purpose of these sessions is to shift into a space of peace for ourselves... that will then ripple out into the universe.

In this safe and beautiful space of deeeeeeep peace we surrender to the flow - and allow our bodies to rest, heal and recalibrate. We also hold the energies for each other ... and our group energy can powerfully influence the collective.


The next "Pocket of Peace" session is to connect with the 999 codes of
March 9th at a time where our focus on Peace is much needed


We'll meet at:

9am London
5pm Singapore Time
8pm Melbourne/Sydney  

There's a recording if you can't make the timing - you'll just need to register to receive it !!


Please feel free to invite any friends you feel would benefit from this deeply soothing session and resonant group energy by sharing this form.

Please note that the "Pocket of Peace" sessions are free and available to all, but if you'd like to make an energy exchange (thank you so much) you can do so here.

With love,

Julie Ann