The Trinity Eclipse

Many are going through challenging times, so here’s an opportunity to focus on the positives and connect with the BIG picture and the new level of energy that is flowing at this time.

Right now WE, and the Earth are going through a massive RESET.

As we take time out to pause, much is changing both on the physical and energetic levels.

It's so important to remember that how the world will be after this global pause has so much more to do with US than we know. Our focus, energy and intentions matter.

This weekend brings another opportunity for us to gather ...

On 4th/5th July we'll experience the final eclipse in a rare triple eclipse series … what a ride it has been.

This third eclipse actually peaks on July 4th in the USA – very meaningful given all that is happening !

If you'd like to learn more, gather with a resonant group and make the most of this unprecedented moment in time please join Julie Ann for this LIVE Online Event.


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Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is happening in Capricorn - a sign that is having a huge impact on our lives in 2020 as we see the transformation of old patriarchal structures.

All Eclipses bring in powerful RESET energy – and at the time of the Full Moon we have the opportunity to release the old cycles and open to the new energies of this powerful eclipse trinity.

This one brings balance and a sense of completion - the influences at this time are extremely profound.

When we gather as a group we are able to receive and anchor more of the powerful light available on such a pivotal day. A great service to humanity and a blessing for each one of us.

We'll be online together for the Eclipse PEAK (so exciting). We'll meet bit earlier  to prepare ourselves for the moment of power and have lots of time for discussion and questions too. 

We're gathering ONLINE via ZOOM video
on Sunday July 5th at 11.30am Singapore time.

That's 1.30pm  in Melbourne and Sydney
3.30pm in New Zealand
6.30am in London
10.30pm Pacific (Sat 4th)


We'll be together for around 90 minutes and of course will be connecting with the exact moment of the Eclipse.

We’ll also be talking about the the eclipse series, the portal that opened after the Solstice Solar Eclipse and MORE.

And we’ll experience some simple but leading-edge tools to use daily.

You'll leave feeling empowered, positive and with a faith in our collective energy to create change.

If you can't be there LIVE there will be a recording.  You'll need to register to receive this.

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The energy exchange for this event (includes the video recording) is $33 USD.

As a bonus you'll also receive my 21 Day Abundant Alignment Process (valued at $33 USD).

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