The Vesak Supermoon


Many are going through challenging times, so here’s an opportunity to focus on the positives and connect with the BIG picture and the new level of energy that is flowing at this time.

Right now WE, and the Earth are going through a massive RESET.

As we take time out to pause, much is changing both on the physical and energetic levels.

It's so important to remember that how the world will be after this reset has so much more to do with US than we know. Our focus, energy and intentions matter.

Thursday 7th May is another very special day in this time of change, as we celebrate the Sacred Vesak Full Moon. This year it is also a "supermoon" which means the moon is orbiting closest to earth, appearing larger and bringing even more illumination.

If you'd like connect with others at the peak of the full moon, to receive the maximum blessings of this time please join Julie Ann for this LIVE Online Event.

Please click here to sign up ... or if you'd like to know more about the beautiful "legend of Vesak/Wesak" please read on ...


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The Vesak Supermoon

The Vesak Full Moon brings with it a beautiful "legend" ... it's the time the Buddha visits the earth to radiate blessings to the world. And in this year of change this will be a truly powerful transmission.

When we gather as a group we are able to receive and anchor more of this light. A great service to humanity and a blessing for each one of us.

Full Moons are also a powerful time to release old stories and cycles ... so important at this time of shifting paradigms.

So we'll be online together for the exact time of the Full Moon which peaks at 6.45pm Singapore time, 8.45pm Australia, 11.45am London.

We'll meet earlier to prepare ourselves for the moment of power and have lots of time for discussion and questions too.


We're gathering ONLINE via ZOOM video
on Thursday 7th May at 6pm Singapore time.

That's 8pm in Melbourne and Sydney
10pm in New Zealand
11am London 


We'll be together for around 90 minutes and doing our main meditation to connect with and receive the Buddha's divine transmission.

We'll also be talking about the recent high energies, the Schumann resonance, awakening, ascension and what is happening on the planet at this time.

And we'll experience some simple but leading-edge tools to use daily.

You'll leave feeling at peace and with a deep knowing that All is Well.

If you can't be there LIVE there will be a recording.  You'll need to register to receive this.

Save Your Space

The energy exchange for this event (includes the video recording) is $33 USD.

As a bonus you'll also receive my 21 Day Abundant Alignment Process (valued at $33 USD).

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