Singapore Events APRIL 2021


I'm in Australia but still running Singapore-timed events ONLINE.

All of April is AMAZING as we have lots of repeating number code dates.

So we'll be meeting for 4/4 which happens to be Easter Sunday. No matter what your beliefs are it's pretty amazing that on a day connected with the energy of rebirth and resurrection there's a 444 code happening (the extra 4 is because the whole date adds up to a 13/4). The 444 energies are helping us to integrate the new higher consciousness into our physical vessels. It's all about EMBODIMENT. So please join me at 10am Singapore time for Earth Angels 444. Details to come but email me at [email protected] if you are keen to join.

It's also an amazing time to have a Pineal Activation or a 2.5 hour New Energy Alignment. Make the most of the New Year specials.

Please click here for all the session details or contact me for more information.

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