The First New Moon of 2021

Hello dear One,

what a start to the new year it has been (on so many levels).

I wanted to email you quickly today because we are right in the energies of the very first New Moon of 2021 (peaking around NOW).

It's also the first New Moon since the Solstice and Grand Conjunction of December 2020 ... and could even be said to be the first of the Aquarian Age.

Very exciting.

This is another chance to set your energies/intentions for 2021 (I'm sure many might be feeling like a reset already - am I right ?) This is SUCH a potent opportunity.

We've already experienced a powerful lead in to this new moon via the opening of the 111 portal on 11/1 (1/11).

And there's more ...

What's extra special about this lunation is that it also marks the one year anniversary of the powerful Saturn-Pluto Stellium IN CAPRICORN that marked our entry into 2020.

You might recall the "once in 500 years" stellium event was predicted to overlight the beginning of a period where a new transformational energy (Pluto) would instigate the breaking down of the old patriarchal structures (Saturn in Capricorn).

One year on we can see how this has been playing out !!

What is intensifying everything right now is that Pluto (part of that pivotal Stellium) is back in Capricorn at almost the same "degree" for this new moon.

We're revisiting that journey (personally and globally).

Whew !!

I know many of you felt the energy surge over the past few day or so (I've seen it described as an "interplanetary shock wave"). Yep that resonated with me for sure - wow.

If you suddenly felt anxious or edgy, lots of energy in your body, extremely tired (or all of the above) you are not alone.

Pluto in Capricorn has been bringing some purge energy with it ... all in preparation for this special New Moon ...


Here's the good news (thanks Jennifer Hoffman):

"Today's new moon starts the pendulum swinging in the other direction. We can start getting some relief now from the challenges we have endured for the past year. And as this new moon closes the January 2020 Saturn/Pluto cycle, we are beginning another cycle of Saturn/Jupiter ringing the bell for the Aquarian age, the age of Light. Stay positive, keep your vibes high, and shine your light brightly."


With all that's playing out around us this is such a powerful time to turn inward for a while and focus on the new we are birthing.

If the past days have shown us what we DON'T want - then let's use that knowing to begin the shift into what we DO.

Peace, Love, Freedom, Respect and Wellbeing.

New Beginnings on a whole new level.

There's another element to add to the mix - Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) stations direct tomorrow and we can expect some "unexpected" events to manifest.

Maybe even a miracle or two.

Once Uranus moves direct - we'll have ALL planets in forward motion for the rest of the month. 2021 Here we come ...

If you'd like to know more about the astrology/numerology of this time here's Pam Gregory's update for the beginning of 2021 and of course Tania Gabrielle's videos are always wonderful.

I'll share more about the energies in the coming days ... meanwhile if you'd like a meditation to work with here's Seeding the New Moon Cycle.

Much love,

Julie Ann

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PPS The New Moon is always a great time to begin anew. The perfect time to begin a soul-led daily practice that works to bring more peace and wellbeing into your life. Begin Abundant Alignment now and begin creating a happier, aligned and more meaningful 2021.

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