Living Light - Luminosity

You may have heard a lot of talk about lightbody in recent times and wondered what it's all about. Or perhaps you've done some lightbody (also known as Merkabah) work before.

We all have a lightbody field that travels with us through lifetimes. Once we become aware of this field we can work more consciously with it to help shift our biology and manifest in the world around us.

Your lightbody also interacts directly with your physical body and offers a way for us to welcome more light and upgrades with greater ease.

I've been teaching lightbody classes for many years now and have seen first hand the life-changing results for those who have embraced the practices.

Right now we are shifting fast and so this new series (Living Light - Luminosity) will be a recap of the most important concepts from my recent classes ... upgraded for these energies ... with lots of beautiful lightbody meditations too.

Even if you are new to Lightbody work ... if you feel the nudge to join please trust this series is also designed for you.

If you're a healer, teacher or creative this will help bring your work to the next level ... and for ALL of us the focus on lightbody at this time of upgrades will be hugely transformational.

I know you'll love the fascinating topics we'll cover too. You'll leave with a greater understanding of the importance of this time on our planet.

Living Light - Luminosity is a chance to experience my Living Light lightbody teachings/activations in a compressed form.

The 3 week (short and sweet) process is also a way for us to travel together through the end of 2022. That feels so right.

The live sessions include energy updates, "modules" and meditations. We will go with the guided flow :)


We begin later this week ... and our schedule is below ... I hope it works for you (of course everything is recorded too).

There are sessions for all timezones ... feel free to join as many as you feel called to though one session per week will be sufficient.

We'll also be connecting with a larger group for the 12/12 gateway and the much anticipated SOLSTICE.

Here's the plan ...

Week 1

Group 1 - Wed/Thurs 30th Nov/1st Dec
9am Singapore
12noon Melbourne/Sydney
5pm Pacific

Group 2 - Mon 5th December
9am UK
5pm Singapore
8pm Melbourne/Sydney


Week 2

Wed/Thurs 7/8 December
9am Singapore
12noon Melbourne/Sydney
5pm Pacific

Mon 12th December (12/12)

8.30am UK
4.30pm Singapore
7.30pm Melbourne/Sydney

Note different timing

30 minute session leading into Larger Group Call


Week 3

Wed/Thurs 14/15 December
9am Singapore
12noon Melbourne/Sydney
5pm Pacific

Mon 19th December

9am UK
5pm Singapore
8pm Melbourne




Energy Exchange

Register here before the first session for $111USD (regular price $144)

Better still ...

Add a personal session for just $111 (register here - total price $222). Sessions to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.


We have a beautiful supportive group forming ... and you'd be so very welcome.

Any issues/questions let me know :)


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