Meditation Facilitator Certification

New Energy Meditation Facilitator (NEMF)

Our first group has completed their training (with amazing results) and we're looking forward to the next intake in May 2023. If you're interested in receiving more information and the opportunity to join the waitlist please contact me here.


This Certification Program is the first from the New Energy Mastery School.


You’ll leave with a practical certification that will serve you well as a:

Guided Meditation Leader
Holistic Teacher
Healing Practitioner
Group/Meeting Leader
Team Facilitator

You’ll gain skills and confidence as you remember your gifts and practice your craft in a supportive and safe environment.

The New Energy Mastery School provides a bridge for those wayshowers wanting to bring New Energy (5th Dimensional) work into the world. 

And this training is a Unique Offering designed for these changing times.


At the front end you’re receiving a real-world Certification based on practical tools and a confidence-boosting set of requirements. You’ll leave with a portfolio of recordings and testimonials to kick-start the next phase of your journey.


Behind the scenes we operate as a Modern Mystery School. Tapping into your Inner Alchemy and Innate Knowledge.  Connecting your Ancient Gifts with your Current Opportunities. Revisiting your Ancient Teachers and Levels of Initiation in our on-line “temple”.


A potent mix of Mystery and Mastery.


Please note this is not a Meditation Teacher Certification though we will look at various meditation techniques you can use in your facilitations. This training equips you to confidently lead transformational guided meditation journeys and intuitive 1:1 sessions.


The Certification

In a nutshell, for this certification, you’ll be bringing forth your personal channel in both voice and energy form. This will help you to facilitate in-the-moment guided meditations and energy healings if this is your goal. The opening of your channel is also the key to bringing through the wisdom of your Divine Self in all coaching, counseling, meeting and facilitating situations.

If you’re drawn to this Certification we know you are already an accomplished Master. For most of us it’s about regaining trust in our personal channel and our inner wisdom. And remembering the truth of who we really are.

You’ll grow in your connection to this guidance, and belief in yourself, during our time together.

To help support your journey you’ll leave with a range of editable meditation/healing scripts too if that’s your comfort zone … you’ll never need to feel worried about delivering a group session. You’ll be 100% equipped and ready to go.


After the initial 6 week “training course” there’s also a “mastermind” period of ongoing support and a space to experiment, expand and hone your skills.



The New Energy Meditation Facilitator (NEMF) Program


The program begins with 6 weeks of training modules and group sessions. Each training/session will run for 2-2.5 hours. During this time we’ll also be connecting with the Mystery School teachings to connect with our bigger mission and “why”.

You’ll love these sessions that mix the magical with the practical.

The training will run in two timezones (this will be dependent on the locations of the attendees). Right now it looks like we will have enough attendees to offer this. 

You’ll be able to attend one or both timezones.

The initial 6 weeks will be followed by a “certification” weekend where everyone will get to present at least once. There will also be opportunities to lead meditations/sessions in the preceding weeks to build up your certification portfolio and meet the requirements.

We then move into “Mastermind” Mystery School mode for just over 4 months. The sessions will spread out so that there will be one session per week in alternating timezones (see below for potential dates). In these gatherings we’ll invite Master Teachers, present to each other, receive coaching and support and you’ll have time and space to complete your portfolio.

Once you’ve completed your required tasks you can receive your certification. Some participants may complete within six weeks, others in six months. Either way you’ll receive ongoing support in the Mastermind phase to hone your gifts, create/build your business, manifest your dream job or use your skills in whichever way you feel so called.


Course/Mastermind Content


The Course Content and Mastermind sessions will include the following:


Your Unique Energy Field
Your Original/Sacred “Medicine”
Your Connection to the Mystery Schools
Your Mission and Big Why
Benefits of Meditation
A review of various Meditation Techniques
Sharing your Voice (Confidence and Mindset)
Setting Space for a Session
Storytelling and Speaking
One on One Communication and Healing
Leading a Guided Meditation from a Script
Channeling a Guided Journey
Online Sessions and Recording using Zoom
Using Background Music in Zoom
Recording and Editing your Meditations
Setting up a Mailing List
Social Media 
Authentic Energetic Marketing


Proposed Timetable

Please note the timetable may change based on the group timezone requirements and other factors. Here’s the plan so far.

There will be an official opening/blessing of the Mastery School around 8/8 … Details to be Advised.


2021/22 Course Dates (Choose One or Both each Week)


Week 1


Thursday 19th August 
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 18th)


Monday 23rd August
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney 


Week 2


 Thursday 26th August 
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 25th)


Monday 30th August
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney


Week 3


 Thursday 2nd September
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 1st)


Monday 6th September
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney



Week 4


 Thursday 9th September
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 8th)


Monday 13th September
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney



Week 5


 Thursday 16th September
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 15th)


Monday 20th September
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney



Week 6


 Thursday 23rd September
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 22nd)


Monday 27th September
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney


Weekend of Power – a Multi-Timezone Extravaganza (Date TBC)


October 2nd/3rd
Times to be Announced



Mastermind ….


Thursday 7th October 
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 6th)


Monday 11th October
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney


Thursday 21st October 
9am Singapore, 11am Melbourne, 6pm Pacific (Wed 20th)


Monday 25th October
10am London, 5pm Singapore, 7pm Melbourne/Sydney


We will continue in this rhythm until mid February with a 2 week break in December/January (for Christmas and New Year). We’ll also shift around public holidays such as Chinese New Year.


There may be weekend dates added depending on group requirements


Proposed Graduation Weekend


February 19/20 2022
Times to be Announced


To Find out More and Receive Pricing Information Please Contact Me Here.

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