Path to Soulstice


As you probably know by now :) ... we’re heading for a very special crescendo on December 21st when we not only celebrate the Solstice, but also the Grand Conjunction of two powerful planets – Jupiter and Saturn.

To make it even more exciting these two planets (which are meeting in a once-in-800 years event) are shifting into ZERO degrees AQUARIUS at that moment.


The age of Aquarius is arriving heralded by a bright star (conjunction) in our skies.


All of this is happening on the Solstice day of maximum light in the Southern Hemisphere (which includes Australia).

At the time of the conjunction there will be a powerful indigenous ceremony taking place at Uluru (Central Australia) - the solar plexus chakra of the earth - as incoming light is anchored and spread out through the songlines/leylines of the world. 

OUR mission on that day (should we choose to accept it) is to anchor this light all over the planet, to receive it for the earth, for ourselves, and for all of humanity.

This certainly promises to be a huuuuuge influx of light, and many of us are feeling called to prepare ourselves so we are aligned to welcome the gifts of this moment with much more ease.

Leading up to the Solstice we have some powerful connected gateways, and it seems important to enter each one with intention and grace.

It’s also soooo important to keep our eyes on the potentials of this amazing time of transformation (so we don’t get distracted by the dramas playing out as the old 3D paradigm falls away).

This is why I’ve felt called to put together the Path to Soulstice series. 

The idea is to meet regularly during the month of December (all calls are recorded if you can't make them) and stay connected with facebook and/or messenger inbetween. There will be regular email/social updates about the energies too - from me and from the group (ie you).


We’ll keep each other aligned an on track.


We’ll also be consciously working with some special tools to help us integrate the new levels of light and DNA activations. So the meditations we record in the first calls (see schedule below) will be wonderful to do daily.

We’ll then move through the 12/12 Gateway and Solar Eclipse … and onward to the Solstice.

Post-Solstice we’ll meet to integrate and “debrief”.


Note that the period from 12/12 to 21/12 (12/21) is extremely powerful … and the 12/12 gateway feels MAMMOTH this year.


Before you dive into the call schedule - just keep in mind that it's ok if you can't attend all calls (they are balanced between timezones and all are recorded too). It's more about being part of this group energy "container" that will carry us through this powerful month.

The introductory call has already been recorded so you can dive straight in at your leisure.


Please register here to get started on your journey ...


Then moving forward ... the schedule looks like this:




Welcome and Light Tools Session - Recording Already Online

Tues December 8 – Light Tools and preparation for the Gateways 
9am London 
5pm Singapore 
8pm Melbourne/Sydney


The 12/12 Gateway*

Sat December 12 – 12/12 Event (others can register) 
9am London 
5pm Singapore 
8pm Melbourne/Sydney

Sun December 13 
10am Singapore 
1pm Melbourne/Sydney 
6pm Pacific (12/12)


*For those in Melbourne there will also be an informal in-person gathering at 11.30am (ready for 12.12pm) - details to follow. Please reach out if interested.


The Solar Eclipse

Tues December 15 – Solar Eclipse Event (others can register)
9am Singapore 
12 noon Melbourne/Sydney 
5pm Pacific (14th)


The Big Event - SOLSTICE

Mon December 21 
9am Singapore 
12 noon Melbourne/Sydney 
5pm Pacific (20th)

Mon December 21 – (others can register) 
10am London 
6pm Singapore 
9pm Melbourne/Sydney

(we end just before the big alignment, and Uluru ceremony)


Integration and Debrief (Full Moon and 3/3 Gateway)

Wed Dec 30 – Integration and Debrief ONE 
9am Singapore 
12 noon Melbourne/Sydney 
5pm Pacific (29th)

Wed Dec 30 – Integration and Debrief TWO 
9am London 
5pm Singapore 
8pm Melbourne/Sydney


Once you sign up you’ll receive a single flow of emails throughout December and no need to register for any extra events. Everything will be stored in our Path to Soulstice online area.


Easy Peasy.


You can register here to receive instant access to the introductory session and meditations.

If you'd prefer a payment plan please click here.


Any questions ? - Please email me at [email protected] or contact me here.

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