The Living Light Workshop Series 2022

You may have been hearing a lot talk about the Lightbody (also known as the Merkabah or Torus) field.

As the Solar and Ascension energies ramp up, working consciously with your Lightbody will be of huge benefit to you.

Your Lightbody (the field of light that surrounds you) is a part of you that is always with you. It has traveled with you through lifetimes.

Now it’s time for you and your lightbody to reconnect more consciously as it is a pivotal part of your Ascension process.

There are so many practical benefits to doing this … it will:

help you ride and integrate the energy waves we are now experiencing

connect you with your guidance

boost your manifesting power, and

support you to walk through the world carrying a higher vibration day in, day out.


If you are a healer, teacher or coach, a reconnection with your lightbody will boost your ability to hold sacred space for your clients and students.

If you are working in an organisation you can use the alchemical techniques to create positive influence and change.

And you will notice shifts in your relationships and homelife too.

If this is resonating with you … please read on to learn more about the Living Light online workshops.


Living Light is all about you and your Lightbody.

In these new and unprecedented frequencies (when embodiment is the current phase of the journey), your amazing Lightbody is your one stop shop for:

Receiving and Integrating Light with more Ease
Clearing Patterns
Protection (for want of a better word)
Setting Space
Channeling Energies
Ascension and Embodiment
Blueprint and DNA Upgrades
Wellbeing and Youthfulness
LIVING and BEING in the fifth dimension
(Bringing Heaven to Earth)
Traveling (bilocation) and Remote Viewing
Sovereignty and Divine Relationships
More consistently holding frequencies of Joy and Love
Manifesting your Dreams

Your Lightbody is your bridge into the New Earth.

What is shifting right NOW is the level of Embodiment possible … more and more our bodies can “anchor” into 5D as the new energies are here (as evidenced by the recent non-stop Solar activity and Schumann activity).

Let’s welcome these energies and our transformation with Ease, Grace and JOY.

I’m so excited to announce TWO Living Light workshops in 2022 – Level 1 (Lightbody Essentials) and Level 2 (Embodying Light). These workshops will follow on directly from each other (see below for timing).

We’re beginning on the 4th/5th of May (in the window of the 5/5 gateway).  Such a powerful gateway to initiate our journey … and workshop 2 will take us all the way through to the Solstice !

I hope you can feel the timing and energy of this offering and the powerful group that’s beginning to form – it’s going to be amazing.

We just need you :)

We’ll be blending the metaphysical with the extremely practical.

As well as a focus on a life-changing personal transformation, these workshops are wonderful for anyone who teaches, heals, coaches, creates or leads groups.


Here are some testimonials from last years' crew


"I learned about the importance of standing in your own power ... It changed my attitude at work and led to better relationship with my bosses."

"I noticed I became more sensitive to energies. Having a lot of confirmation that I am not the only one who is feeling particular way on that day or around astrology or cosmology made me more confident and be able to accept how I am feeling at that moment."

"I loved how Julie held space for us and also the group energy was not only beautiful but loving and supportive."

more testimonials are below ...

Living Light – Levels 1 and 2

There are two Living Light workshops – Level 2 follows on immediately from Level 1.

Level 1 – Lightbody Essentials begins on May 4/5.

Level 2 – Embodying Light begins on June 1/2.

You can register for both levels (recommended) or begin with Level 1. See below ...

The Modules and Group Calls

There will be ONE teaching Module per week and TWO group interaction sessions (one for each timezone).

All sessions will be via zoom video (you have the option to turn your video on or attend audio-mode).

In each group interaction session we’ll be doing at least one group meditation/activation followed by plenty of time for questions/discussion.

The first group interaction session will follow on directly after the live module each week. This timing will work well for Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA.

The second group interaction session will be a few days later so you have a chance to watch and integrate the module recording before the session. This timing will work well for Europe, Australia and Asia.

ALL modules and group sessions will be recorded. You can choose to watch all or just join the group session for your timezone.

The weekly schedule is:

Live Module
followed by Group Interaction Session 1 (allow 90-120 mins):

Each Thursday/Wednesday at:

9am Singapore time (Thursday)
11am Melbourne/Sydney (Thursday)
6pm Pacific (Wednesday)

Group Interaction Session 2
(allow 60-90 mins):

Each Monday at:

10am London time
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

There will also be at least one weekend catchup group call to be based on the needs of the group. We’ll decide once our crew has gathered and we can determine the dynamics.

Level 1 Outline and Schedule

Here’s the schedule of calls for Living Light Level 1 – Lightbody Essentials … you’ll receive lots of reminders so put these dates in your diary then sit back and relax…

Week 1 – All About Lightbody

Thursday May 5th – Module and Group Session 1
9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 4/5)

Monday May 9th – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

Week 2 – Lightbody Releasing and Receiving

Thursday May 12th – Module and Group Session 1
9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 11th)

Monday May 16th – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

Week 3 – Setting Space with your Lightbody

Thursday May 19th – Module and Group Session 1
9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 18th)

Monday May 23rd – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

Week 4 – Manifesting with your Lightbody

Thursday May 26th – Module and Group Session 1
9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 25th)

Monday May 30th – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney


Level 2 Outline and Schedule

Here’s the tentative schedule of calls for Living Light Level 2 – Embodying Light. Some of the content/order may change once we are in the energies.

Week 1 – Your Endocrine System and Ascension

Thursday June 2nd – Module and Group Session 1

9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 1st)

Monday June 6th – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

Week 2 – Becoming Sovereign

Thursday June 9th – Module and Group Session 1

9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 8th)

Monday June 13th – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

Week 3 – Your New Blueprint (Solstice Week)

Thursday June 16th – Module and Group Session 1

9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 15th)

Monday June 20th (Lead into Solstice) – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore7
pm Melbourne/Sydney

Week 4 – Integration and Completion

Thursday June 23rd – Module and Group Session 1

9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (Wednesday 22nd)

Monday June 27th – Group Session 2

10am London
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

Wow – so exciting to feel into what we will cover/experience.



Energy Exchange 

The 2-workshop (8 modules) investment for you is $555 USD.

If you would like to begin with Level 1 only (4 modules), your price is $333 USD.


Payment plans are available too - please scroll down.


To register for both workshops please click here*

To register for both workshops AND a private session for an extra $111 USD  please click here.

To register for Level 1 only please click here.


Payment Plans for Level 1 and 2

For 3 Payments of $188.88 please click here,

For 6 Payments of $97.77 please click here.

For 12 Payments of $49.99 please click here.


Payment Plans for Level 1 Only

For 3 Payments of $115.49 please click here.

For 6 Payments $59.99 of please click here.


Some more lovely testimonials

"The thing that really helped me was the group connection and positive, conscious focus on expanding the heart and ability to hold light. This has a knock on effect of making me far more aware of this process on a daily basis..."

"I'm very very grateful for this course. I feel I grew so much since the beginning of it. Thank you so much, dear Julie!!!"

"It has been nearly one year since I took the class but I’m still using one or two meditations everyday from this class and has been helping me a lot! "

"When I joined Living Light, I was apprehensive that I didn't have what it takes, was not "awake" and would feel "not enough" comparing myself to others in the group, and a whole lot more ifs and buts. But Julie taught me (and has been saying this for a long time) that each of our journey is special. None of us have it the same. I felt warm and safe in all our sessions, and I learnt so much. Our beautiful group is so supportive and just awesome. Julie is just an amazing presence and I'm so blessed to be part of this! Living Light 2022, here I come!"


 The New Energy Mastery School

This year the Living Light Courses will be hosted on my new site at the New Energy Mastery School. You'll be logging in there for your modules.

About Julie Ann

I first started teaching some online Living Light classes back in 2017/2018 after being strongly guided to do so – then in 2021 they came back in a new format and with lots of new information/activation. Once again the guidance was clear.

2022 we are going Next Level as the energies are here to support greater activation and transformation.

Back in 2008, through an intense 6-month training, I “awakened” my own lightbody and it was an absolute gamechanger in terms of my journey and my work. People noticed the shift in my energy field and the power of my healing, the meditations that channeled through and the space I was holding. Not to mention it all felt amazing.

Luckily we are now able to do this much faster … through resonance and memory … and I have now been blessed to support many through this lightbody awakening via Living Light and my 1:1 Embodied Alchemy process.

Please reach out if you have any questions – I’d love to hear from you.

[email protected]


The living light image background is from a painting by the talented Inken Von Der Luehe (

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