Time to Soar - the Libra Full Moon

Hello dear friend,

just a week after the Epic Equinox (it sure was EPIC) we are welcoming a super full moon (the first of 4 in a row).

A Supermoon is when the moon is close to earth, seems larger and feels more potent.

As this one certainly is.

Before we get into that ... how have you been feeling since the life-changing Equinox last weekend ? 

As we discussed in my Equinox update ... the earth's magnetic field opens to admit more light at the time of the Equinox due to the tilt of the earth and the "Equinox Cracks" phenomenon.

This year more than ever.

With the new frequencies flowing to the planet and the sun in a radiant new solar cycle we received SO MUCH LIGHT pulsing inside the earth's magnetosphere. And the "solar storms" have continued ever since. BTW I'm loving A Girl in the Universe on facebook as a great source of information for this cosmic sciency stuff.

This is a level of light like we've never experienced before and it's important to remember we are not in normal times (also you are NOT alone if you've been wondering what's going on). More on this soon.

The Libra Full Moon continues the themes brought in via the Equinox ... Balance, Love (Venus is in the house) and Liberation.

There's also an amazing planetary KITE alignment at play as well as a powerful 888+++ numerology code

We have the choice to be "tossed around" by the storm or use the energies to soar (there's a KITE after all and that's a clue lol).

We'll talk about all of this during the free Pocket of Peace session tomorrow (more info on this below).

Meanwhile let's dive a bit deeper ...

The Solar Storms

If there was ever a time to practice being the "calm in the storm" this is certainly it. These energies are not going to slow down so it's up to us to use our tools and mastery to hold our balance and our love.

To use the storm to our advantage.


As expected, the Equinox brought in a huuuuuge shift.


As Kirsty Elizabeth says:

"Things are on the move!
I expect you have felt it this week but the Earth did actually move beneath your feet on 21.3.21.

Something big is moving and aligning ..."


YEP ... that's about it.

Read Kirsty's post for more detail about symptoms you may be experiencing if you feel so called.


Meanwhile it's also important to remember that the energies are bringing massive transformation and that this is all for the highest good. They are clearing away the old veils and structures so we can see what lies beneath.

We're seeing a lot of revelation around corruption and imbalances. All so we can begin the process of healing and transforming.

"Things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered.

We must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil"

~ Adrienne Maree Brown


Those of us on the Ascension path would actually say that on many levels things are actually getting better (much better) as we connect with these new levels of love and higher consciousness that are anchoring onto our planet.

It all depends where you are placing your focus in any moment.

On that note ...

Our Pocket of Peace

One way to shift focus and experience the higher frequencies for yourself is to join our live Pocket of Peace gathering tomorrow. These sessions are designed for just this purpose ... so we can shift into a space of calmness and alignment to flow with the energies with more ease. You can use the recording long after the session too.

We're meeting at:

10am Singapore time (29th)
1pm Melbourne/Sydney (29th)
7pm Pacific (28th)

You'll need to register to join or to receive the recording. 

You can do that (and learn more) here:


Please do join - you'd be so very welcome.

The Libra Full Moon

Now onto the moon of the moment.

What a fabulous lunation this is ... and a wonderful opportunity to soar with the changing winds.

As I mentioned ... the planets are forming a Kite shape !!

And look at this gorgeous lineup of planets ... AND Numbers. From Tania Gabrielle:

"* A triple stellium of Sun, Venus and Chiron are all exactly at 8° Aries opposite the Moon at 8° Libra.

* Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra.

* Uranus is currently at 8°

*And amazingly, March is an 8 Universal Month!

That sets up a stunning six-time 8:8:8:8:8:8 numerology code.

To add to this remarkable star code of leadership, courage and strength, Mars (ruler of Aries) and Saturn create a Grand Trine with the Moon, while the Sun is in a triangle with two sextiles to Mars and Saturn.

This beautiful formation creates a Kite.

The Moon “holds” the handle to the Kite, a highly fortunate symbol of taking flight."

Off we go ....

Just as at Equinox time, the energy of Venus continues to be a beautiful influence right now. Venus is the ruler of Libra, and also forms part of the Full Moon Stellium.

The Divine Feminine is rising ... to bring balance back to the planet.


Libra is of course a symbol of balance/harmony ... and so is the number 8.

The figure 8 shows us two complete circles ... connecting and mirroring.

As above so below.

Turn it on the side and we have the infinity symbol.

So many signs.

Magic is in the air.

Of course full moons are also the perfect time for letting go ... for releasing what is holding you back. Are you ready ? 


The Full Moon Peaks at:

2.48am Singapore/Bali (29th)
5.48am Melbourne/Sydney (29th)
11.48am Pacific (28th)
7.48pm London (28th)


It's already evening here in Australia and the moon is simply divine ... I hope you get to see it where you are too.

Enjoy the energies and let yourself soar....

Much love in these transformational times,

Julie Ann

PS If you'd like a meditation to work with please try Full Moon Illumination.

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