The 555 Eclipse Event

What a time we are in.

No doubt you are feeling it too … huge shifts are playing out on our planet on all levels as we move towards the second eclipse in this powerful series.

We opened the series with an Epic “Hybrid” Solar Eclipse in Aries and now we are moving into the bookend Lunar Eclipse in transformational Scorpio.

As with all cosmic events at this time … THIS eclipse is multi-layered as it brings together astrology, numerology, energetic shifts and also an incredible influx of blessings.

You see … this full moon eclipse is also occurring at the time of the (true) spiritual Wesak/Vesak moon  … not the time of the  Vesak holiday celebrated in some countries.


The eclipse itself begins on 5/5 almost everywhere in the world
(and as ’23 also adds to a 5 we are seeing this as a 555 Portal).


555 is a code for the 5th dimension … and a sequence that supports rapid transformation. Given that the eclipse is in Scorpio ... that’s emphasised.

It’s also a number code associated with the Ancient Civilisations and the Divine Feminine.

At this time we’ll also be supported by Buddha and the Masters who visit the earth to radiate light and blessings at the time of the Wesak/Vesak full moon.

It's always a beautiful and powerful time but this year the blessings being shared are extra special.

So let's make the most of it ... TOGETHER.

When we gather as a group WE get to receive and anchor more of this light … a service to ourselves and ALL of humanity.


We’re meeting on May 5th at

10am UK
5pm Singapore time
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

… we will be online for around 90 minutes and the session will be recorded.


The session will include some inspiring info about this period of transformation, the eclipses, where we are in our Ascension journey …  and the current energies.

And of course we’ll be doing some amazing meditations for receiving abundant blessings at this INCREDIBLE time.

If you’ve attended my sessions before you’ll know it’s ALL about the activations/energies … and the beautiful groups that form.

We just need YOU.

The energy exchange is $24.99 USD

You can register here.

It would be so wonderful to see you there ...


Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions :)

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