And Now for the BIG Conjunction

Well here we go.

The second of the epic events of April 2024 is now occurring in our skies.

Following on from the Great Solar Eclipse we are now entering the influential sphere of another BIG alignment. This one you may not have heard as much about but in many ways it's even more significant than the Eclipse.


Jupiter and Uranus
are NOW
beginning their consciousness-expanding conjunction
in Taurus ...
with the peak moment happening over the weekend.


The Sun will soon move into Taurus too and we'll have all the elements for this moment Astrologers have long been waiting for.

How exciting to be experiencing it at last.

This is a QUANTUM event.

And a positive one !!!!!!!!!

Because of the influence of the great Awakener Uranus ... we can expect sudden shifts of consciousness which bring about new levels of understanding and remembrance.

That's pretty hard for our left brain to comprehend though so let's take a look at some "facts" and connections to help explain what we could be experiencing.

Jupiter and Uranus are meeting in the earth sign of Taurus ... and this has not happened since the 1940s (so a once in a lifetime occurrence).

This time around however Pluto (the planet of transformation) is in Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus) for the first time in 200+ years ... AND the frequency on Earth is so much higher ... so "once in lifetimes" is more accurate really.

And we are here for it :)


The exactitude happens this weekend (20th/21st) at:

7.25pm Pacific (20th)
3.25am UK (21st)
10.25am Singapore (21st)
12.25pm Melbourne/Sydney (21st)


How very considerate of the planets to meet up on a weekend so we can be more "present" to the opportunities dontcha think ?

Here's what each planet is bringing into the mix ...






ushers in

Good Fortune

Both planets are "future" oriented (yay)


AND ...

This conjunction is happening in earthy
which is ruled by the planet of Love...


Let's Imagine a sudden Expansion of Consciousness ...
Breakthroughs, Solutions, Abundance, Love, Joy and Peace.


What else is Possible ?


There's even more good news:

Uranus in Taurus is a potent symbol of New (Uranus) Earth (Taurus). So though there may be sudden changes they will be lasting and "grounded".

Also ...

As it is the ruler of Aquarius ... Uranus is the ruler of our incoming Aquarian age.

With the expansive energy of Jupiter involved we can expect a powerful leap forward into this New Paradigm.

How exciting ....


Here's Tania Gabrielle's video
if you'd like to dive deeper into the Astrology.

and here's a fascinating post from Astrologer Pam Gregory about how this conjunction affects the charts of many world leaders.


The other element that is so exciting is the numerology.

The conjunction happens at 21 degrees (on the 21st in most places) so we have a triple 21/3 code.


21 21 21

3 3 3


33 or 333 is the vibration of "Christ Consciousness" ... the level of Consciousness we are anchoring for the New Earth.

How very perfect then that the Sabian Symbol for 21-22 degrees Taurus is:


"A White Dove over Troubled Waters"


And as always there's even more.

This conjunction leads into the powerful full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd/24th. This is also the official WESAK moon (even though the holiday is celebrated a month later in some places).

I'll talk more about the "Buddha" full moon in the next update but what a beautiful time it is to receive Spiritual Blessings ... so divinely timed this year.


Anyhow ... definitely a very huge few days ahead so do keep in mind that ...

We are not in Normal Times

It's also a wonderful time to meditate with so much "activation" expected from the planetary line-up.

If you'd like a meditation to work with here's

Your Next Step - Into the New


Also letting you know also to save the date for our next free meditation event just after the full moon peak at:

9am Singapore (weds 24th)
11am Melbourne/Sydney (Weds 24th)
6pm Pacific (Tues 23rd)

Details to follow (please join my mailing list below to receive the information) but do put the date in your diaries :)

As onward we go.

More from me soon but in the meantime do let me know how YOU are doing.

Meanwhile ... Happy Conjuncting :) ...

Julie Ann


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