Blue Moon Breakthroughs and the Age of Aquarius

Hello dear friend,

On Sunday 22nd August we welcome a Full "Blue" Moon in Aquarius.

There's soooooo much to share about this powerful full moon and the current energies that I hardly know where to begin. But I'll do my best to break it all down for you.

Most likely you're feeling the energies strongly today. You could be feeling emotional, exhausted, flattened, spacey ... or wired. Or perhaps you're feeling AMAZING and renewed.

I know some of you are also experiencing outward expressions of the energies via fires, storms, earthquakes, lockdowns, loss of freedoms (or observing them on the global stage) etc. Sending love to you wherever you are and however this is playing out for you.

Hopefully this update will explain much - offer some hope - and also provide some ways to work with the frequency waves we're experiencing.

I'll begin by talking about the numerology and astrology of this lunation, then dive into the bigger cycle and what's been unfolding during the past couple of weeks.

Let's start here ...

The Blue Moon

So why is this Full Moon in Aquarius a "Blue Moon" ?

It's because this is the second full moon in a row in the same astrological sign ... a pretty rare occurrence!

That it is happening in Aquarius adds extra meaning because (as you know) we are shifting into the looooong awaited Age of Aquarius. 


THIS Full Moon Peaks on Sunday 22nd at:

5.01am Pacific
10.01am London
8.01pm Singapore/Bali
10.01pm Melbourne/Sydney


It will be at 29 degrees Aquarius, while the Sun is at 29 degrees Leo!

29 is an 11 (2+9=11) so we have an 11:11 portal activating on the 22nd. Lots of Master Number magic is in the mix. Listen to Tania Gabrielle's update for more on this.


11 is the number connected with our New Earth Visions, while

22 helps bring those Visions into Manifestation.


This numerology fits brilliantly with everything else that's going on .... but there's more (of course).

The Lion's Gate

The two Aquarian Full Moons have beautifully encased this year's incredible Lion's Gate  portal.

The Lion's Gate peaked right in the middle of the full moons on 8/8 - the same day as the new moon in LEO. You can't make this stuff up ...

So while Full Moons are always about endings - this one completes an incredibly powerful galactic window ... while also catapulting us into the new with the 11:11 portal ... 


"The Sabian Symbol for 29° Aquarius: A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.... "

~ Cosmic Weather


How very perfect :)

Aquarius, Uranus and Jupiter

At the time of the full moon, Jupiter (the planet of expansion) is very close to the moon and opposite the Sun ... AMPLIFYING the potency of this Aquarian Illumination.

Aquarius is the sign we relate to themes of freedom, awakening, innovation, out-of-the-box solutions, individuality ... and rebellion!

As much as things may seem crazy out there right now it's important to remember these Aquarian ideals are playing out for a reason, and as the popular meme states:


"things are not getting worse - they are being uncovered". 


We simply can't go back to our old ways ... evolution is propelling us forward and the old structures are collapsing all around us.

Listen to Pam Gregory's full moon video for more information on these themes.

At the same time the planet Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) has just turned retrograde a day or so ago.

Uranus brings the Unexpected, the New, Breakdowns in order to Break Through.

The Uranus-Saturn square that has been playing out this year is all about the dismantling of old structures (Saturn) to make way for the New Earth (Uranus in Taurus) to emerge.

"Since Uranus is an intense planet, when it retrogrades, it's easier for us to access and absorb its genius energy.

Although our eyes will be more open to the harsh and unpleasant things around us, we'll be inspired to make change and take advantage of the rebellious energy Uranus has been bestowing on us all year.

The key feeling this transit wants to bring us is freedom."

~ Elizabeth Gulino


It's important to remember that the "old structures" are also our own perceptions and beliefs. If you are having a hard time understanding someone else's point of view (let's be honest, most of us are these days) at least be open to the potential of seeing beyond your own belief systems (outside the box).

And let's all do our best to allow others to have their own journeys with less judgement from us.

There are bigger stories playing out in the background that are revealing themselves at this time.

You don't know what you don't know ... until you know. You know ? :)

Especially when there's so much censorship that lots of valuable information is inaccessible to many.

So what else has been happening ? A lot ...

The Return of Divine Love as A New Cycle Begins

Many spiritual teachers, channels and lightworkers are in agreement that the past couple of weeks have brought in an enormous shift.

A divine plan that has been in play on earth for decades (and in the works for eons) culminated over the past few days.

Patricia Cota-Robles who has been one of the leaders for this planetary shift for over 35 years brought through the message this week that the original level of LOVE has been returned to planet earth for the first time since the "fall from grace" (pre-Atlantis). You might feel the truth of this in your being.

Btw if you would like to go on an awe-inspiring  dot-connecting adventure that will help make sense of our cosmic journey I highly recommend listening to Patricia for day 2 of her "35th Congress on Illumination" (there are 6 days in total - go to the youtube channel or facebook page to access the others).

Others (eg Amanda Lorence) also reported on the waves of energy coming in during the week (and today) ... and many have been proclaiming that over the past couple of days we are leaping right into the next part of our Ascension journey. 

You may feel a new mission activating at this time. If so you're right on track :)

Remember that what is happening on the outer is the old dismantling ... meanwhile this glorious new energy is flowing in for us to harness and create with.

A Meditation (or two) to Work With

If you'd like to experience and make the most of these energies with an aligning meditation there are a couple of options to choose from today. You might enjoy the Full Moon Illumination meditation, but Thriving in the New Light also feels right for this time.

Why not try both ?

Enjoy this moon ... bathe in the freedom codes ... and trust the change that is coming.

We've got this :)

Much love,

Julie Ann

Ps please do reach out if I can support you in any way.

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