The Galactic New Year Event

Please join me and the beautiful Rie Komiya for this very special session – only offered online.

It’s such an exciting time on our planet with the ever expanding energies and new potentials. The second part of 2022 promises to be magical as we anchor more and more light and new creations.

The Galactic New Year begins a new planetary cycle as heralded by the heliacal rising of the Blue Star Sirius (our spiritual sun). This was how the Ancients marked the passing of the years … when Sirius would rise over the pyramids in perfect Alignment.

These days (based on the Galactic/Mayan calendar) we celebrate the Galactic New Year on July 26th. The Day before is the known as the “Day Out of Time” … a powerful zero point portal of potential.

These are  wonderful days to set energy and intentions for the year ahead … with the added guidance and support from the Galactic Realms.

This is also a beautiful opening into the Lion’s Gate which peaks on 8/8.

In addition THIS year the Galactic New Year leads into a much anticipated “once in lifetimes” alignment at the end of the Month. Uranus and Mars are aligning with the North Node in Taurus … big shifts are possible at this time.

During this 90 minute online session (which spans the 25th and 26th across timezones) we’ll learn more about the Galactic/Planetary New Year, the “Day Out of Time” and the big alignment … while we connect with the Galactic energies available. We’ll make the most of the potent energies to manifest and anchor our intentions.

As well as some powerful meditations we’ll be receiving Divine frequencies of Sound from the Cosmos via Rie’s Crystal Bowls, Vocals and Chimes.


If you feel the calling to join us in this Sacred Space we would love to welcome you.


We’re meeting at:


9am Singapore Time (Tuesday July 26th)
11am Melbourne/Sydney (Tuesday 26th)
6pm Pacific (Monday 25th)


If you can’t make it LIVE there will be a recording too.


The energy exchange for this very special gathering is $24.99 USD

To save your space please click here and follow the instructions.


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