Living Light – The Lift Off Series

The name really does say it all.

It's time for us to FLY .... are YOU ready ?

If so you're invited to join me for the coming "Lift Off" series.

No doubt you've been hearing about the huge planetary shifts of March... and perhaps wondering how to best harness this potential in your own life.

If you're ready to prepare for ... and move through ... the coming changes with more ease and joy then this series is for you.

Even if you've been on this Ascension journey for a while it can really help to be supported by an amazing group as we leap together into the new.

Living Light - Lift Off begins before head into March and those long awaited world-changing planetary movements.

The title "Lift Off" has so many levels to it ...


Lift Off - Lighten Up - Let Go - Fly


After the name dropped in I found the beautiful anchoring image straight away ... and then started hearing/receiving intel about how our Angel Wings are unfurling. And so much more.

It's time !!!!!!!

So much is happening to tell us that the winds of change are arriving NOW.

If you agree then please keep reading ...


Living Light - Lift Off

The past weeks have been a "strange" time of lightning strikes, revelations (ufos anyone ?), weather/earth events, glitchy energy and more.

But at the core of it all is that we are now moving at lightspeed into the the tipping point energies of the great consciousness shift.

Ooooh goosebumps.

I find that for many of us ... in times of great momentum ... it helps to be in regular contact with like-minded souls ... to support one another on the journey.

So it's perfect that we'll be meeting regularly over the coming weeks to witness these shifts together.

As the energies continue to escalate our bodies are going through huge lightbody upgrades too. We'll be experiencing lots of guided processes to help us navigate this body alchemy.

It's Personal ... and Planetary. And we'll be across it all.

We'll be tuning into the energy shifts and big "events" ... while at the same time focusing on our inner transformations.

If a lot of this is new to you but you feel called to join ... please trust that. We'll be covering some lightbody basics in the first week for those new to these ideas (or returning to them).

And we'll also take a look at where we are at in the grand mission that's unfolding before our very eyes.

Normally I give a full curriculum for my classes but due to the energies ... we will simply be guided as we go (don't worry there IS a plan ... but it is an adaptable one).

I'm already feeling the Masters/Angels coming in to contribute ... THIS is the time we trained for during the Mystery Schools of old. You may get goosebumps as you read this bit too.

We've got this and we are so supported.


We leap into Lift Off during the 222 Gateway and travel through to the Equinox and beyond.

We'll be together over five weeks that include the humungous planetary shifts of March (when two major planets change signs).

It's gonna be AMAZING.

As well as the "content" and upgrades dropping in, the regular group connection will be so important.

We're meeting in two timezones ... you are welcome to come to either or both


And YES ... we begin on the 222 Gateway:


Wed/Thurs 22/23 February
9am Sing Thurs 23rd
12noon Melb Thurs 23rd
6pm Pacific Wed 22nd
(allow 90-120 minutes)

Mon 27 February
9am UK,
5pm Sing,
8pm Melbourne
(allow 60-90 minutes)

We follow on with the same timing (keep in mind USA/Canada Daylight Savings shifts on 12th March and UK on the 26th)


Wed/Thurs 1/2 March
Mon 6 March (Full Moon)


Wed/Thurs 8/9 March
Monday 13 March


Wed/Thurs 15/16 March (USA/Canada shifts to 6pm)
Monday 20th March (EQUINOX)


Wed/Thurs 22/23 March (Pluto into Aquarius)
Monday 27th March
(time change to 9am UK, 4pm Singapore, 7pm Aus)


If you can't make these times and would love a weekend session to be added please let me know. Of course all sessions are recorded too.


Jin Shin Jyutsu Class

And there's MORE !!!

You may have heard me mention the hands-on Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) energy healing class on 24th/25th.

The great news is ... for you IT'S INCLUDED if you enrol in Living Light - Lift Off.

What we do in this session will be a great support for our journey together. It's of course optional but will be there for you if you wish to join.

If you would like more info about this class please click here. Please don't register here tho if you are joining Lift Off. You'll be automatically added and will receive the recording if you can't make it.


Lift Off Begins Right Here

This is where it gets even better. I so want to make this possible for everyone who wants to join.

The Early Bird Lift Off price is only 144* USD (or two payments of $77).

Remember this includes the JSJ class too ...

This Early Bird ends at midnight Pacific on the 20th Feb.


To Register - Please click here and follow the instructions*

To Register for the Payment Plan - Please click here and follow the instructions.

*Please note this course is hosted on my New Energy Mastery site


To add personal sessions ...

Lift Off and One Personal Session - $255 USD - Please click here.

Lift Off and Three Personal Sessions $444 USD (please email me for the link)

*Note that the regular course price is $222 so do make the most of the early bird if you're planning to join.

Funds transfer payment is possible in Aus and Singapore - please email me to arrange this.

 Of course if you have ANY questions at all please email me at [email protected] 

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