The Equinox PEAK Event

Please join me and the amazing Elaine Victoria Yang for this very special session - only offered online.

Every year we celebrate TWO Equinoxes ... powerful times to gather for meditation and manifestation.

Now that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius the Equinoxes are coming into focus as they are also the markers of that passage ... known as the precession of the Equinoxes.

It's a time of year when expanded energies arrive onto our planet via the "Equinox Cracks" in the magnetosphere. As we are already receiving a massive amount of light through solar flares/storms this year it's extremely powerful.

During this Equinox we're meeting for the very PEAK ... at the moment of Pure Alignment.

An amazing time to bring in harmony/balance and a beautiful time to harvest our creations (ie bring in abundance).


You’re invited to gather with a beautiful group online to connect with this long-honoured  sacred day and anchor the light that will be flowing.

Elaine will be playing her magical Crystal Singing Bowls while I lead a powerful Equinox Meditation. We’ll also get plenty of time to talk about the meaning and energies of the day/month … and so much more.

We're meeting on Friday 23rd September (22nd in USA/Canada) at:

9am Singapore
11am Melbourne/Sydney
6pm Pacific (22nd)


If you can’t make it LIVE there will be a recording too … you’ll need to register to receive this !


The energy exchange for this very special event is $24.99 USD

To save your space please click here and follow the instructions.


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