The Solstice BREAKTHROUGH Event

What a time we are in.

No doubt you are feeling it too ... huge shifts are playing out on our planet on all levels as we head into this pivotal Solstice.

In recent years the Solstices have brought massive transformation, as on this Sacred Day of ceremony and light so many around the planet gather with intention.

The Solstice is the moment when the "sun stands still" as it prepares for the change of seasons.

A time of maximum light in one hemisphere.

As we know, the ancients from all over the globe honored this day as evidenced by the positioning and building of Sacred Sites and Monuments.

More recently the December Solstices have come into our awareness due to some much heralded events.

TEN YEARS AGO (on the Solstice in 2012) a great shift occurred as the potential energies for a new Golden Age arrived. Remember this event was widely reported due to the Mayan Calendar which famously ended on this day. The end of a major earth cycle and the beginning of a new one ...

Over the past decade we've seen the manifestation of these energies into a measurable form  (eg the Schumann Resonances)... the earth's frequency is rising and so are WE.

Then ... on the amaaaazing December Solstice in 2020 we celebrated in worldwide ceremony with the indigenous tribes as the long prophesied "star of Bethlehem" (Jupiter/Saturn) alignment appeared on the Solstice itself ... and a great pulse of light was anchored into the leylines of the earth. Maybe you took part on that incredible day where ancient prophecy and the stars aligned.

Magical indeed.


'22 is the year of the Master Builder ... 

Everything is AMPLIFIED due to the rising solar/earth frequencies and the sense things are building to a long awaiting tipping point ... now is the time for us to bring into MANIFESTATION the structures of the New Earth (ie your heart-led dreams) even as the old is dissolving all around us.

The Time is NOW.

Change is imminent and we have a wonderful opportunity to anchor the energies and CREATE in this divine light.

So let's make the most of it ....

We're meeting on the 21st/22nd at:

9am Singapore time (22nd)
12noon Melbourne/Sydney (22nd)
5pm Pacific  (21st)

... and will be online for around 90 minutes.
Yes the call will be recorded too !!

The Solstice will have recently peaked so we'll be in the most beautiful of creative energies.

The session will include some great info about this powerful Solstice, where we are in our Ascension journey ...  and the current energies.  And of course we'll be doing some amazing meditations for Manifesting and Anchoring your New Earth dreams.

If you've attended my sessions before you'll know it's ALL about the activations/energies ... and the beautiful groups that form. We just need YOU.

The energy exchange for this event is $24.99 USD

To join us please click here and follow the instructions.

If you are currently doing Living Light - Luminosity with me this event is included.

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