The Solstice Gateway Event

Can you believe it's SIX MONTHS since the amazing Solstice and Planetary Alignment of December 2021 ?

So much has happened since then, and as predicted by the Indigenous Elders the "heartbeat" of Mother Earth has shifted into a new higher frequency.

This Solstice has been preceded by two powerful Eclipses and a series of 555 Gateways throughout May. Building up to this powerful still point ...


The Solstice is a special day that honors the shift of seasons and the day of maximum (or minimum) daylight depending on which hemisphere you are in.

The Solstice was long revered by the ancients as a Sacred day, and many of the structures around the world were built or oriented to greet the Solstice sunrise.


The word Solstice itself translates to something like:

“the standing still of the sun.”


A turning point !



Please join me and a wonderful resonant group on Sunday/Monday 20th/21st

10.30am Singapore (21st)
12.30pm Melbourne/Sydney (21st)
7.30pm Pacific (20th)

You'll be online for the Solstice Peak - it's going to be so powerful.


The Solstice will actually peak an hour after the event begins and we'll be in meditation in order for you to receive the highest blessings for yourself and humanity.

If you can't make it LIVE there will be a recording too.

In this 90 minute session there will be lots of time to look at the journey of the past 6 months AND to share and reflect after our Solstice connection.


You can register as follows:

The energy exchange for this event is $33 USD

To save your space please click here.

There is limited space in the zoom room so please do register soon to save your spot.

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