The Venus Starpoint - October 2022

Oh my goodness ... this is really really exciting.

I've been somewhat obsessed with this information over the past couple of weeks and am hoping what I've discovered will be fascinating to you as well.

On October 22nd (23rd in some places) The "Venus Star" moves into the sign of Libra for the first time in 150 years (some people are also talking about a 250 year cycle ... I'll explain why below).

So what is the Venus Star ? Arielle Guttman says:

"Simply stated, it is the relationship between Venus and the Earth
and their dance around the Sun"

Sometimes known as the "Dance of Venus" it takes around 8 years for each cycle which creates a beautiful 5 pointed star (or rose).



There are five signs connected with the star at any one time ... and on October 22nd one of the "points" is changing signs from Scorpio into Libra.

As I said ... this is the first time in 150 years that one of the points has been in Libra (where it will stay for around 100 years) ... and it's 250 years since Libra has been with this exact configuration of signs.

Why this is a big deal is that whenever the Venus Star changes sign (based on past experience) we can expect events to shift in the external. With Libra in the mix we anticipate a move into a more balanced and loving world (it may take some unified people power to get there though).

It's also significant that Venus is the ruler of Libra ... what an amplification of the LOVE!!

Of course at this time of great change the timing of the Star Point shift is even more potent as we birth a New Earth together.


On the 22nd itself we will experience a beautiful Venus "Cazimi"
when the Sun "kisses" Venus.


The other exciting alignment is that it all happens on an 11 Master Day (not to mention a day full of 2s) ...


2+2+1+0+2+0+2+2 = 11


How very magical.

The 11 vibration opens the portal to our highest potential dreams ... while the 22 "Master Builder" code helps us to anchor our visions into earthly manifestation.

Oh and there's more ... as we celebrate a Solar Eclipse on the 25th in Scorpio (the very sign the star point is moving FROM) ... what a RESET.

Remember we have never yet experienced this particular Venus energy in this lifetime ... let's see how it all unfolds.

The wonderful Arielle Guttman (referenced above) has been "downloading" about ... and researching ... the Venus Star for decades now.

You can of course visit her website but if interested about the current shift there are lots of recent videos to dive into if you're interested. Enjoy ....

Bracha Goldsmith - Rare Once in a Lifetime Shift (short and simple)
Bracha Goldsmith - Interview with Arielle Guttman
The Astrology Podcast - Interview with Arielle Guttman (this one is quite long)
Tania Gabrielle - Venus Starpoint in Libra

I hope you have fun learning about this incredible astrological aspect.

Much Love,

Julie Ann xo

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