Alignment 2024 - Let's Align and Create Together

Wow ... we made it.

The time so many have been waiting for ... promising profound shifts on so many levels. After a reality-changing Solstice we're heading into a VERY New year.

2024 is a magical "8" year that brings some long awaited planetary alignments.

And January is quite the powerful month ... lots of cool repeating number codes and the big shift of Pluto back into Aquarius (Age of Aquarius here we come).

SO MUCH POTENTIAL is literally in the AIR.

There's also the energy of the number 1. All month LONG. New Beginnings abound.

Every year (as you may know) I run a live version of my proven Alignment process to begin the New Year  ... an amazing way to begin ANY year but especially THIS one. What's different about this process is that you'll learn a lot about what is really happening on our ascending planet right now ... as you experience the shifts and  AHAs in your own life.

So ... you're invited to join me and an amazing group of resonant souls for Alignment 2024.

Oooh there's so much to share but we have the whole month to do it .... so please join us ...


Alignment 2024

What's it all about ?

This month long journey is a super easy "challenge" to join as everything is done in your own timing.

You'll receive a daily email from me ... these "light activated" messages will be written in realtime and focused on the energies of the day as well as an alignment theme (think Attraction, Awakening, Ascension, Appreciation, Attraction, Abundance ... and so much more) AND you'll receive everything you need to commit to your own daily alignment practice. Lots of recorded meditations will be provided along the way ... as well as other tools you can utilise as needed.

If you enjoy my free meditations you'll love this process but you're certainly encouraged to use personal meditations that work for you if you prefer.

You need as little as 15-20 minutes a day ... and you'll be so very glad you put the time aside.

We go for the whole of January because the big return of Pluto into Aquarius happens late in the month ... and we want to prepare for and celebrate that..

You'll also get to attend some LIVE zoom sessions should you choose to ... including a very special New Moon and 111 activation on January 11th. All recordings will be placed in your online area if you can't be there live.

And ... we have a couple of group options for accountability ... you can opt to be part of those if you wish. It's always lots of fun to be on the journey with others.

SO ...

If you'd love to join me ... and a welcoming resonant group ... you're warmly invited. There's (honestly) never been a better time to ALIGN and I'll be on the journey with you all the way.


There are already some beautiful "aligning" meditations waiting for you in our online area ... and it's not too late to join !!


To join Alignment 2024 for $44 USD Please Click Here .


If you'd like to add a 90 minute personal session with me at a ridiculously good price
(total investment for course and session $155)
Please Click Here .



PS* the full price will be $44 ... and the personal sessions are limited to the first 5 people.


What People are Saying About recent
Alignment Journeys


"Feeling so much appreciation and abundance. I am just loving the daily emails."

"Alignment certainly attracts more and more to simply appreciate more and more. I feel truly blessed from this past xx days, it has all been amazing. So much growth and expansion"

"I felt significant changes with the momentum of the xx days, and know that how I felt and managed to deal with some of the life situations during that period and after were a direct result of my alignment. Magical and profound."

"I can't give this up ... this has now become my new habit!! I'm so full of gratitude to Julie and everyone who shared this alignment journey."

"I am very excited ... and can’t wait to get my groove back on... . So very much looking forward to the group connection and commitment as it brings so much to my practice."

"The gentle power of Julie Ann’s voice has guided me through these daily meditations so that when I am finished, I can start my day with joy, compassion and gratitude... "

"I highly recommend Julie Ann’s courses and meditations for those who seek to improve or find their spiritual fullness. She is a compassionate spiritual leader and in my opinion a true messenger of Divine Love and Light...."


   A "1" month is always charged with the energy of the new ... a time of hope and aspirations for the future. Let's make the most of it.

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