The Eclipse and Solstice

Hello dear one,

how are you feeling as we shift deeper into the powerful passageway that "opened" on 12/12 ?

Each day now will be helping to build the frequencies as we head towards the life-changing Solstice on the 21st.

Today's gift for us is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

What a wonderful opportunity to release the old and seed the new in this high energy portal.

A Solar Eclipse is like a super magnified New Moon - a chance for a huuuuge reset.

It can feel intense as the energies build towards the peak, so if stuff has been coming up for you - you're not alone. It's what Eclipses do ...


"It’s possible, since eclipses bring to light what has been hidden, that you see a different perspective on a situation where you formerly were not able to see the whole picture.

Open your heart and mind to a new view that is beneficial and benevolent."

Tania Gabrielle


Just remember this IS a golden opportunity to create in these rarified energies. As Cassady from Twin Flames 11:11 says ...


"We start this week with a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ... this New Moon eclipse is all about perspectives, beliefs and reaching higher.

Sagittarius is the sign of the Centaur archer, half man, half horse, wielding a bow and arrow to shoot high into the sky.

"His" wisdom is, if you don't try or reach for your goals or a higher state, you can never attain it. Aim your highest! ....

At this Eclipse, we're experiencing a reset, a new beginning in terms of manifestation, a powerful leap into a new and higher state... "


I love that image of the archer aiming high into the sky ... it's time to dream BIG.


The eclipse is quite a long one. A total solar eclipse that travels across Antarctica and South America. Most likely not visible where you are but deeply felt just the same.

It peaks at 3.13am in Melbourne/Sydney and 12.13am in Singapore ... you can check the timing for YOUR location here.



If you'd like a meditation to work with here's the link to Seeding the New Moon Cycle.


And ... you're also invited to join me and a wonderful group for the Solar Eclipse Opening event.

We're meeting via zoom (a little after the eclipse ends) at 9am Singapore time (15th), 12noon Melbourne/Sydney (15th), 5pm Pacific (14th) and we'll be using the eclipse reset energies to "plant some seeds" for the Solstice, 2021 and beyond. Yes it's recorded (YAY) and you'll be able to use the meditations/visualisations we record in the coming days too.

You might also like to sign up now for the Starry Solstice event too while there's an early bird price (you won't want to miss this one) ...

There are more details about the two events here (scroll down a little) but to make it easy for you ... if you'd like to join us, you can ...

Register for The Solar Eclipse Opening here ($33 USD).

Register for Solar Eclipse Opening and Starry Solstice here ($49)


This really IS the month of lifetimes - let's make the most of this energy wave into the new ... and I hope you enjoy this very special Eclipse ...

Much love,

Julie Ann

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