The time is nearly here - a time when Ancient Prophecy comes to life and the Stars (literally) Align*

Here comes the 2020 December 21st Solstice.

What a powerful opportunity for US to gather and add our energy to this transformational moment in history.

As the Solstice peaks we have the opportunity to receive and anchor an incredible and unprecedented amount of light.

So if you are feeling the call to be with a soul connected, aligned and resonant group for this once-in-lifetimes event you are so welcome to join us.

We're meeting via zoom at 8pm Melbourne/Sydney, 5pm Singapore, 9am London on the 21st December. More on this below.

I’ll be anchoring from here in Australia, and am so excited to connect with you all as we help radiate the energies all around the planet.

For the first hour we'll be learning about, and preparing for the main global ceremony (focused at Uluru, Central Australia) and making sure we are aligned and ready as a group. It feels so important to gather with resonant souls to set our energy for this bigger event.

At the Solstice Peak (an hour into our gathering) a nationwide Australian indigenous ceremony will begin. We'll connect in silently as per instructions (you can stay online if you wish).

We'll then come back together to check in and share our experiences.

It now seems the prophesied Uluru MAGIC BOX activation is now happening at the time of the Solstice Peak too ... Divine Timing for us :)

So to be clear ... WE are gathering via zoom at:

9am London
5pm Singapore
8pm Melbourne/Sydney
1am Pacific (it's worth waking up for this lol)

We'll be together for 90 mins (with an option to reconvene later if you wish) - we'll go with the flow of the energies on the day. And ... the first part of our event will be recorded too.

To join our Starry Solstice event please click here**.  Once you sign up I'll start sending you extra updates about the alignment and some meditations to work with too, so do jump in now.

Much love,

Julie Ann

PS* Read my full article about the alignment.
PS** Space is limited in the zoom room and filling fast so do register soon

The 12/12 Gateway Recording

You might also like to prepare with this recording from 12/12.

This session was recorded for the 12/12 Gateway and is powerful to use all through December. You can receive instant access to the recording and also an aligning meditation to download and use daily. Highly recommended.

To receive the recording please click here.

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