The Starry Solstice Alignment

Many have been asking about this special alignment … so here’s a summary of many aspects that make it such an incredibly powerful day … I’ll be updating the information and adding some resonant links too.

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A Very Special Solstice

As you will have no doubt heard by now, on this coming Solstice December 21st 2020 we are going to experience a very special planetary event.

Even the mainstream media are reporting this Grand Conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn … which are auspiciously meeting at … zero degrees … AQUARIUS.

This is a long awaited sign of the age of Aquarius … appearing on this Sacred Solstice day at the end of one of the most transformational years we have ever experienced.


Creating a beautiful bright star in our night skies.


But let’s remember this is part of a long series of “unprecedented” cosmic events … in fact the planetary aspects of the whole of 2020 have brought about configurations not seen for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years.

Let’s take a look at the journey towards the Solstice, the build-up … and even some aspects of this day that you may not yet know about.


Let’s also connect many dots and most importantly feel into the potential of this incredible moment in time.


There’s sooooo much to dive into … where to begin?


The Beginning of 2020

Let’s go back to 12th/13th January 2020 when a long-awaited grouping of planets (called a Stellium) formed in our skies.

Astrologers knew that this Stellium in the sign of Capricorn (which included a meeting of the powerful planets Pluto and Saturn) was going to signal change. Such aspects had not been seen for around 500 years, and last time there was a similar configuration it had triggered a time of massive upheaval and reformation. It was the time when Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church for example.


The meeting of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn was destined to bring about the transformation (Pluto) of old patriarchal structures (Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn) to allow the birth of a new, more conscious, way of being.


At that time we could not have foreseen how this would manifest on the world stage. How our lives would be turned upside down by a global pandemic. How we would be called to slow down, re-evaluate and re-structure. How the environment would unexpectedly benefit from this change of pace. How creativity would rise, and compassion become important again. And how many would awaken to what had long been hidden – and is still being revealed (stay tuned for that).


But let’s also remember another important event that happened on that day (waaaay back when in January 2020).


As the cosmic alignment clicked into place, there was a Sacred gathering at Uluru (Ayers Rock, Central Australia) that completed what was known as “the interrupted ceremony”. 

On this day some indigenous elders (and many others who felt called) gathered to finally perform this powerful ceremony that was said to have been postponed for thousands of years. A ceremony designed to raise planet Earth back to her rightful place in the Galaxy.

Via Uluru (the solar plexus chakra of the earth) and the specific planetary line-up on that date, the earth’s umbilical cord was reconnected back to the galactic core.


If you’re not sure what a planetary chakra is (or even a chakra) I’ll talk about this in a further article. And we’ll also look at why the earth was ever "disconnected" in the first place. Meanwhile …

The Sacred site of Uluru is also playing a pivotal role for the coming Solstice which is why it’s important we mention it here. We’ll revisit this soon.


The Dance of the Planets

Ok … so we saw that Pluto and Saturn started the year in a Stellium in Capricorn.

Pluto, Saturn … and Jupiter are the 3 major planets who have been meeting in strategic configurations all year long.

Pluto and Jupiter have since rendezvoused in three powerful conjunctions in Capricorn during the year (these meetings have triggered some incredible global meditations too).

In early December all THREE planets began aligning in another Stellium in Capricorn - Tania Gabrielle says such a configuration has not been seen for 4000 years. Yes … 4000 !!!!

But there’s more …

Finally … on the Solstice day … Jupiter and Saturn will come together in that Grand Conjunction we’ve been talking about… this time in the sign of Aquarius. Btw THIS alignment has not happened for around 800 years!


“A conjunction means the lining up of two or more planets in a sign. When this occurs, their vibrations blend and work together…

A Grand Conjunction is what happens when the planets of Jupiter and Saturn in particular meet up. Together they are known as the Great Chronocrator, meaning the Markers of Time, and they have always been associated with epochal social change when they coincide on their orbital perambulations.”



The Markers of Time.


Feeling it yet ?


Let’s keep going.


The Solstice

Even without a Grand Conjunction, every Solstice is a special day that honors the shift of seasons and the day of maximum (or minimum) daylight depending on which hemisphere you are in.

The Solstice was long revered by the ancients as a Sacred day, and many of the structures around the world were built or oriented to greet the Solstice sunrise.


The word Solstice itself translates to something like:

“the standing still of the sun.”


A turning point !


Now that does give me goosebumps – especially when we turn our attention to THIS Solstice.


The Influx of Light

There’s so much light flowing to earth on this Sacred Day.


You might like to visualise this …

Not only is it the day of maximum light in the Southern Hemisphere (where Uluru resides) … but the Bright Star Conjunction (some are calling it the Star of Bethlehem alignment) will be lighting up the night skies -  coming into “grand conjunction” at just after 9pm local time there in Central Australia.

All this before we take into account the potential waves (flares) of light flowing from the sun as the new solar cycle kicks in. We’ve recently experienced the strongest flare in over 3 years with more to come.


The December 21st Uluru Ceremony

This is the stuff of prophecy.

Various indigenous original Australian elders have recently begun sharing the story of “the Magic Box”. A teaching passed down through the ages and known of in disparate indigenous communities.

The prophecy says that at the moment of the Grand Conjunction on this 2020 Solstice … a particular ceremony at Uluru has the potential to activate some ancient crystals, left there long ago by our starry ancestors.

And that this activation will send a surge of light out into the songlines/leylines of earth, to be anchored by … US.


Yes … that’s where WE come in.


It is said it will take many "aligned" humans who are able to hold this frequency to receive, integrate and anchor this intense wave of transformational light.

The good news is we’ve been preparing for this for quite some time.


The Consciousness Shift

This Solstice alignment isn’t just an isolated event, just as the events of 2020 are not random. The energy has been building towards this moment for thousands of years.

In recent decades, as the time approached, many awakened “lightworkers” began preparing for this “tipping point” on our planet.


We owe our gratitude to many brave souls. Especially those who “awoke” early in the adventure. And also to those who came in born for this time (but had to exist first in the old paradigm where they have struggled to fit in).


It was known that in 2012 the earth would begin moving into a belt of high frequency light (the photon belt), and that at that time we would have a golden opportunity to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.

You may remember back in 2012 there was much talk about the Mayan Calendar which ended on the 21st December Solstice.

The Mayan Calendar was showing us not the “end of the world” but the end of a huge 26,000 year planetary cycle. A cycle in which the Earth moves into the energies of the photon belt at each 13,000 year midpoint.

It’s a pretty rare occurrence then isn’t it ? Once in every 13,000 years … but WE are here for it – and that’s no accident.

So a few decades before 2012 (before we entered the photon belt) people began awakening to aspects of this knowledge and “remembered” that there was much work to do to raise the frequency on our planet.

If we hadn’t been able to do this (and it wasn’t guaranteed that we would), the light would have been much too intense for we humans. Obviously we achieved the goal because here we still ARE!  A little fried but here :)

Many people thought that “nothing really happened” back in 2012, but those holding and working with the energies knew a great energetic shift had occurred.

Now it was time for that shift to “manifest” on the outer.


The Schumann Frequency and Earth’s Magnetics

What has been very exciting to see is manifestations of this upshift of energy in a way that can now be measured and observed.

We are seeing lots of observable shifts in the behaviour of the earth’s magnetic field.

But what we will focus on today are the Schumann Resonances.

Schumann Resonances are electromagnetic frequencies that are connected to the earth’s energy field and are also said to influence our human biology.

The main frequency of 7.83 Hz had been well known (estimated and then measured ever since it was known) as the OHM vibration of the earth. A comfortable, calming healing frequency for we humans to exist within (in the old earth – or third dimensional earth anyway). It is why we have felt called to ground and connect with the earth to help rebalance ourselves.

Then in 2017 something unexpected happened. The Schumann began to spike. First to an amplitude of 15hz … for a short period of time. Then spikes of up to 36 and upward. In 2019 the amplitude reached 158 Hz and then began to stay higher for hours at a time.

Today as I write it seems the frequency may have moved into heights that are stretching the capabilities of the measuring equipment. Some say the main frequency has reached 500, others say 800 amplitude. Others say it's simply that the reading is off the charts.

Considering the base level is 7.83 (and 500/800 is potentially more than double any previous spike) this is pretty darn massive.


So what does it all mean ?


The thing is we feeeeeel this. YOU feel this. You are probably feeling it right now.

Tired or wired ?
Sensations in the heart and/or head ?
Dizziness ?
Heat ?
Elation ?
Kundalini Rising ?


Remember the Schumann is integrated with our biology and OUR frequency.

It affects us and we affect IT. 

It measures our rising consciousness … and believe it or not we are rising at light speed now.

Our rising consciousness is connected to our ability to perceive differently, to forgive, to step out of duality/polarity, to see the bigger picture, to heal the divides ... etc.

Since the spiking behaviour began in 2017, there are those who have begun studying the effects of the different Schumann frequencies and tracking the effects on us and our bodies. Of course it’s a pretty new field given it’s only begun happening recently.

Meanwhile many lightworkers, channels and those connected with this consciousness shift believe that the New Earth (also known as 5th dimensional earth) will vibrate at a new higher regular frequency. Ie it will eventually stop the rollercoaster and settle down.

Our bodies are adapting too (that’s a whole other story) so that living in the new frequency will feel natural and easy.

This leads me back to the Uluru ceremony.


The Solstice and the Schumann

Many are asking what will happen at the time of the Solstice. Interestingly, one of the outcomes the indigenous leaders are predicting is connected with the Schumann frequencies.

They are prophesying that after the ceremony ... as the surge of light moves through the planet ... the Schumann will split into two different base frequencies – one of the third dimensional (3D, polarised) Earth and one for fifth dimension (New) Earth … And that many of us will move into this new energy level.

This also relates to the timeline split you may be hearing about.

Who knows for sure ?

One thing is certain ... that no matter what happens … this will be an amazing day in time.

Just the energy of thousands of us meditating and anchoring together is enough to create change …  so let’s do this !! TOGETHER.


The Event Wave

This shift is not all just happening on this one day in time. As I said before, there has been a gradual building of energy over many years (decades, centuries, lifetimes).

2020 has really accelerated this shift and the awakening on our planet. The momentum is building and the time for change is here.

Many in the lightworker community have long been talking about the coming of a wave of transformational energy/light known as “the event”.

Some say we are already IN it (I personally believe this is true).

This is a time of trusting our hearts. 

Our human minds cannot always understand quantum events, but what IS amazing is to see so many stories/predictions coalescing...

... and to be seeing/feeling that we really are shifting frequency … this is a real and measurable thing.

Not to mention the tired and wired bit :)


The Big Why

So what is this really all about ?

In simple terms, a shift in frequency, in consciousness, changes everything.

We manifest reality based on frequency.

So from a new level of consciousness and understanding we create a new world.


A new earth.

 A new way of being.


We are shifting from old outdated structures into new higher creations.

 And we are doing it from the inside/out … frequency first.

Also remember - this journey is not linear … expect big shifts, wild cards, unexpected events and … even miracles !!


What Now ?

Please don’t wait until the day of the Solstice to connect with the energies.


Why not start now ?


As evidenced by the Schumann surge we are already experiencing new higher frequencies and it's always easier to navigate these shifts with conscious awareness and an alignment practice.

We are moving through several gateways in December including 12/12 and the Solar Eclipse on the 14th/15th.


 The 12/12 opened the energies to the Solstice in a profound way.

Just like in 2012 – the two dates create a passageway into the new.


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In the meantime - be open to consciously welcoming this incoming wave of light. 

And let's make the most of this amazing month of lifetimes ...

Much love,

Julie Ann

PS As promised I’ll talk more about the backstory to all of this (and go into more detail) in coming articles. If you’re interested to know more now you might also enjoy my Connecting the 2020 Dots video class recorded a few weeks ago. In the session we dive deeply into this information and much more. Instant access is now available

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