The 444 Energies of April 2021


April 2021 is a another special month in so many ways ... the first one being that it is a "9" Universal Month.

We work out the "Universal Month" number by adding the month to the year. So


During a 9 Universal month we get lots of powerful numerology happening EVERY day because the vibration of the day will always match the number of the day itself.

For example on April 3rd:

3+(4+2+0+2+1) = 12 and 1+2=3 so we have a double 3 code.

Wheras on April 4th (4/4):

4+(4+2+0+2+1) = 13 and 1+3= 4 so it's a TRIPLE 4 code.

The 444 code also activates on the 13th and 22nd.

Master Number 44 (444)

The Master numbers hold powerful codes for our evolution.

Many are "seeing" these numbers on clocks or number plates. 11:11, 222 etc.

The search for meaning can lead us to the angel number interpretations brought through by several channels/teachers. 

For example in "angel numbers" 444 is a code often associated with the angelic realm itself.

But as WE evolve the messages of the numbers is evolving too.

We are realising that WE are the earth angels here to embody the higher light and bring change to our planet.

So while the master number 33 in a spiritual sense represents "Christ Conscious" (the divine frequency so many have been working to bring back to our planet)  ...

... the 44 represents a time when we not only resonate to the higher frequencies (33) but begin to embody them in our physical vessels.

When we BECOME the Human Angels.

The 44 (and other master numbers) are also vibrationary signals that activate our biology and DNA.

That's another reason THIS April is so very special.

The 444 Easter Gateway

The first 444 gateway of 2021 falls on EASTER SUNDAY.

This is a day where the energies of rebirth and renewal are flowing, when so many are celebrating the Christed story of resurrection and new beginnings.

As you can no doubt sense, this is a very powerful gateway day for embodiment.

That the day also vibrates to the energy of 13 is so important, as 13 is the number code for the Divine Feminine.

This is the year that we also celebrate a return to balance by honoring the Feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness.

Of course it's also the first Easter since the massive energy shift that occurred on the December Solstice in 2020.

It's such an exciting time and there's so much more to share ...

If you'd like to join me for a special "444 Earth Angels" event on 4/4 (or receive the recording) please click here. Note that the event is on Saturday evening in the USA/Canada.

And if you'd like to learn a bit more about the energies of the 44/444 here's Geoffrey Hoppe of The Crimson Circle and the amazing Kryon (Lee Carroll) in some earlier channels.

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