The February 22nd Event (222/22)

Please join me and the amazing Elaine Victoria Yang for this very special gathering - only offered online.

WOW oh WOW can you feel the energy of this very special date.

February 22nd 2022 (yes it's a TWOSday too) is a powerful day for creating miracles.

Numbers are vibrational entities that bring in specific energies.

When we see Master Numbers (like 22) the energy is magnified.

When we have 6 of them in a date ... that's AMPLIFICATION plus plus plus ...

Let's take a quick look at just some of the energies in play:


22 is a Master Number that aligns us with the "Master Builder" codes.
It's about bringing the New Earth Vision (11) into being.

222s in Angel Numbers remind us to "keep the faith" as our dreams are coming into manifestation.

2022 is a 6 year - a year of balance, harmony, peace and healing.

We have SIX twos on this magical date.

2 in the tarot is the number of the HIGH PRIESTESS (the 2 is a beautiful Divine Feminine code)

On 22/2/2022 (2/22/2022) the USA has some powerful astrology playing out that has the potential to affect us all.

It's time for US to CREATE the world of our DREAMS.


As many gather worldwide to meditate on this special day please join me, Elaine and a beautiful resonant group for this special event (ONLINE only).

I'll be leading a magical meditation, integrated with an incredible soundbath via Elaine and her beautiful crystal bowls. Elaine and I have collaborated many times  for major events ... you don't want to miss THIS one :)

The Alchemy of sound vibration will help bring these potent codes in for us all ... it's going to be so very special.


If you can't make it LIVE there will be a recording too.

You can register as follows:

The energy exchange for this event is $25.55.

To save your space please click here and follow the instructions.

There is limited space in the zoom room so do register early for this one :)


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