Connecting the Dots 2023 - An Online Experience

You can now get INSTANT ACCESS to the workshop recording ... the information will serve you for the coming months.


Are you looking at the recent events of March/April and wondering how it all fits together ??

In the last month alone we've experienced once-in-lifetime planetary shifts, grand alignments, huge solar flares and so much more. All the while the world around us appears to be getting more chaotic.

There's very good news here however as we are now moving rapidly into the long prophesied shift of the Ages.

If you're ready to connect the dots, re-energise your mission ... and leap into this grand new cycle please join me and a resonant group of souls for "Connecting the Dots - 2023". 

During this workshop you'll  ...

  • learn about the true cycles of the earth and why THIS moment is so AMAZING
  • remember your connection to the Ancient Civilizations (Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt)
  • reconnect with your Sacred Mission
  • discover the significance of the current solar cycle
  • find out the latest theories about the grand solar flash (event wave)
  • see how astrology and numerology (11:11 anyone ?) are playing a part in this shift
  • have your mind blown as we uncover new research about plasma light and its effect on our spiritual journey and creative abilities (truly you will be AMAZED)
  • dive into information about DNA upgrades and the return of the divine feminine 
  • look at twin flame (and soulmate relationships) to see what is changing
  • experience the power of your lightbody (merkabah, torus)
  • receive personal AHAs, Epiphanies and Revelations !!
  • have a lot of fun connecting with this incredible information

Do trust your heart on this one ... if it's calling then it's for YOU.


The energy exchange for this amazing journey is just $44 USD.


To get instant access please click here
and follow the instructions 

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