EQUINOX !! - And it's just the Beginning ...

It's Equinox Day (hooray) ... and in just a few hours from now we'll be experiencing the peak "zero point" all over the planet ... TOGETHER.

Every year this is an exciting time of new beginnings as the March Equinox brings in the Astrological New Year at 00 Degrees of Aries (the first Zodiac sign) ... and "as one" in unity the whole globe experiences a balance of equal light and dark.

The Sacred Equinoxes have long pointed the way for the ancients to chart the passing of the "ages" as the "Precession of the Equinoxes" moves through each constellation for around 2000 years. Right now we are shifting between Pisces and Aquarius ... slowly but surely entering the long prophesied Aquarian Age.

Equinoxes also bring powerful zero points of stillness and harmony ... and the opportunity to birth new creations.

This year is even more potent as the Equinox is happening in this "11 gateway" month of March 2024 (3+2+0+2+4=11).

And that's just the beginning of the beginning.

THIS Equinox also opens the doorway into the Eclipses, Easter and a massive planetary conjunction on April 20th.

Thanks for summing it up @DivineEnergyWorks ...



It's hard to put into words just how powerful a month we have ahead of us. And spoiler alert ... you'll be hearing from me A LOT.

But best to feeeeel into it ...

The very first (Lunar) eclipse is happening in just a few days time on the 25th ... and its following soul mate (Solar) eclipse is a huge one.

No doubt you've already heard about the total solar eclipse that's crossing the USA on April 8th/9th. There's so much to share about THAT ... coming soon.

Easter is right in the middle of the eclipses ... phew ... talk about rebirth and reset energies.

And then ... the alignment Astrologers have been waiting for ... the very auspicious and timeline-shifting Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on the 20th April !!!!!!

So much positive potential is in the air.

But for today ... let's get back to the Equinox (one quantum leap at a time right ?).


Equinox Details

The Equinox Peaks soon at:

8.06pm Pacific (19th)
3.06am UK (20th)
11.06am Singapore (20th)
2.06pm Melbourne/Sydney (20th)


The time of the powerful zero point and a wonderful time to connect in.

How beautiful to know that at the time of the Equinox the Earth's leylines also come into harmony and the earth pulses with a powerful unified energy.

In addition ... any light influxes we receive around this time (solar flares etc) are magnified due to the Equinox Cracks phenomenon that allows even MORE light to move through the magnetic field.

If you'd like a meditation that works with the Earth Energies and the Incoming Light here's:


Thriving in the New Light


And if you'd like an equinox video to tune into here's Tania Gabrielle.

It's just the beginning. A huge month ahead. Dream BIG.

Here we go ...

Julie Ann

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