Living Light 3 - Activation


Are you feeling the potential of this new unprecedented energies ... and wondering how best to make the most of them ?

Or perhaps you're feeling ready for a quantum leap in your Spiritual Journey.

Welcome to Living Light 3 - Activation.

Over the past few years I've run a lightbody awareness series called Living Light.

Levels 1 and 2 have been offered several times ... and now (somewhat surprisingly but most excitingly to me) it's time for Level 3 !!

If you haven't done Level 1 or 2 ... but you've done lots of other energy work I believe you'll love Level 3.

In other words if these words are resonating then trust that this calling is for you. ...and yes we'll integrate the basics of Level 1 and 2 in our first weeks as we add the new information :)

Let me tell you a bit more ...

As indicated ... I was not expecting there to be a Living Light Level 3. Not that I wasn't "expecting" it exactly ... more that it never even crossed my mind.

But when it dropped in it made perfect sense and also brought a wave of excitement.

In Levels 1 and 2 we worked with, and prepped our lightbody fields. As much as we could in the earthly energies we were working with at the time.

However ... we always knew there would be a new level of light ... a big surge of light/ignition that would arrive into our environment and further ACTIVATE our lightbodies ... in the ... future*.

In the meantime I've hosted many Living Light mini courses to move us through gateways, scientific upgrades (plasma etc) ... and into deeper mystery school and mission understanding ... you may even have attended some of those. So much fun and so powerful.

I was deeeeep in the in-between when Living Light 3 "appeared" to me. And like all AHAs it made so much sense ... DUH !!

THREE ... moves us out of duality and into the QUANTUM space (like when we activate the 3rd strand of DNA all the others are available too).

It's the trinity ... triality ... the return of balance.

This isn't really a "level" of course ... it's a stage of our evolution. And we are not students/teachers here ... but masters working together to move through these unprecedented times of change.

So in this 3rd series we will be integrating the new level of external light that is igniting our fields and triggering our new blueprints/goldprints to come online.

*And over the past few days it's become ever clearer that some new levels are arriving right NOW.

We'll also be working with the plasmic intelligence of the lightbody field and our new "operating systems" to bring about those long awaited New Earth Manifestations.

It's time to CREATE our wildest dreams baby !!

On a practical note ... we'll begin SOON on Sept 6/7 (and then on Monday 11th for European timing) and go for four weeks that include the EQUINOX (and perhaps the/an event wave itself).

All sessions are recorded ... you can choose one timezone, swap around, or come to as many sessions as you choose.

I've put the calendar details at the bottom of this email.

Thank you in advance if this resonates with you (I'm goosebumping all over as I type) and of course reach out to [email protected] if you would like more information.

Right now you can make the most of the Early Bird Pricing (ending as we begin the first session on the 6th/7th)


Living Light Options

Here are the Early Bird Prices (USD) ... You may choose to add one or three personal sessions too.


Living Light 3 - $222
(If you would prefer 3 payments of $49 let me know)

Living Light 3 with Session - $333

Living Light 3 with 3 Sessions - $522


Please let me know if you'd like information about how to integrate LL3 with coaching packages and/or the next NEM Meditation Facilitator Certification intake.


*Regular Price $255

Bank transfer to my Aus/Singapore Accounts are possible too.


Please do reach out to [email protected] if any questions about any of the above :)

Living Light 3 gives us the opportunity to move through what are likely to be quite extraordinary shifts to our bodies and environments ... together.

It feels like a quantum bridge into the new ... endings and beginnings ... leaping into our bright futures.

Trust your intuition ... and if you feel called it will be so wonderful to have you there with us ...

Julie Ann xo

PS If you are unable to attend the times below and would like me to add a weekend call please reach out.

PPS All the beautiful Living Light Artwork is by my dear friend and amazing artist Inken Von Der Luehe.


Living Light 3 Details

The Modules and Group Calls

There will be two calls per week (one for each timezone). All sessions will be recorded


The weekly schedule is:

Group Call 1
(allow 90-120 mins)

Each Thursday/Wednesday at:

9am Singapore time (Thursday)
11am Melbourne/Sydney (Thursday)
6pm Pacific (Wednesdays)


Group Call 2
(allow 60-90 mins):

Each Monday at:

10am London time
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne/Sydney

(see change for week 4 below - Aus daylight savings)


In addition there will be some Inner Light Circle sessions which could make some weeks quite busy. Please don't be overwhelmed just come to whatever sessions work for you.


The Call Schedule

Here's the schedule of calls for Living Light - Level 3 ... you'll receive lots of reminders so put these dates in your diary then sit back and relax.


Week 1

Wed/Thurs 6/7 September

9am Singapore (Thurs)
11am Melbourne/Sydney (Thurs)
6pm Pacific (Wed)

Mon 11th September

10am UK
5pm Singapore
7pm Melbourne


Week 2

Wed/Thurs 13/14 September
Mon 18th September


Week 3


Wed/Thurs 20/21 September
Mon 25th September

(Note there will be ILC Equinox Sessions on the weekend).


Week 4

Wed/Thurs 27/28 September
Mon 2nd October
(Aus Daylight Savings Begins - We will review times based on attendees preferences - most like Aus will shift to 8pm)

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