The Aquarian Energies ...

Hello again dear Friend,

How are you feeling as we head into a BIIIIIG weekend ?


Today one of the most powerful planetary movements of the decade is imminent ...

that being the shift of
transformational Pluto into 00 degrees AQUARIUS ...
conjuncting the Sun as it moves into Aquarius too.


This happens on the 20th or 21st depending on where you are located but for ALL of us the next 24 hours are a huge completion and preparation for this Grand Cosmic Moment.

Why is it such a big deal ?

Let's break it down a bit so we can make "sense" of it ... and then connect the the dots so we can get to the bigger picture.


The Pluto Transit

Being the furthest "planet" from the sun, Pluto has the longest transit time of 248 years.

That means it literally spends decades (mini eras really) in each sign. For example Pluto's journey through the preceding constellation of Capricorn began way back in 2008.

It popped into Aquarius for short couple of months in March 2023 (lots of rare planetary shifts happened in that amazing month) then back into Capricorn for a while.

Now Pluto is shifting into Aquarius for most of this year ... and other than one more brief dip into Capricorn will be there until 2043 !!

Pluto (the planet of transformation and rebirth) in Aquarius promises to bring incredible positive change.

The last period of Pluto in Aquarius was between 1778 to 1798, when there was a rising up against authority and into democracy in countries such as the USA and France.

It's so interesting to see the parallels that are playing out right now in our world don't you think ?

But of course as we know ... THIS time we're not looking at a linear shift but a quantum one.

THIS Aquarian cycle comes as we also enter the long prophesied Golden Age of Aquarius.


We are in a new level of frequency this time around and the revolution is a spiritual one.


Tania Gabrielle says:

"This is not a makeover – it’s a Divine takeover.

There will be a great surge of people who choose to honor their own sovereignty instead of continuing to conform and align with the long enforced systems of authoritarian control.

Many beliefs we assimilated since childhood will be PURGED.

This is an imperative step for us to take on our path to awakening.

Once taken collectively by a certain percentage (as is happening now), there can be no going back"


And so it is.

It's also of great interest that as part of this spiritual revolution all eyes are on ...


A reminder this planetary shift comes as the USA moves through its first Pluto return (based on the timing of the creation/signing of the Constitution).

Spiritual wayshower Patricia Cota-Robles says the American dream was created to be a template for the I-AM-RACE (AMERICA jumbled) of Sovereign Beings ... it seems we are revisiting those themes in so many ways right now.

The Sun Conjunct Pluto

That the Sun is arriving into zero degrees Aquarius to welcome Pluto in the zero point is another big deal ... this hasn't happened for centuries either.

Jennifer Hoffman says:

"There are only 7 instances in the last 2000 years of this week's Sun Pluto conjunction as both the Sun and Pluto move into Aquarius.

And the most recent one was in 1778, our previous Pluto cycle.

This is great news because that was the start of the Age of Enlightenment and here we are again.

It's going to be a big change from the heaviness of Pluto in Capricorn...Aquarius is a 5D sign bringing forward the energies of community, connection, collaboration, cooperation, and creativity.And there is no karma in 5D.

Who is ready for karma-free, joyful living with our divine complement?

I sure am."

Yeah I sure am too.

You ?

A Day for Completion

While you may be already feeling the excitement of this incredible shift you may also be sensing a huge completion of various strands of your life.

And stuff may be coming up for you.

As the Sun and Pluto meet at the very last minute (59) of the very last degree of Capricorn (29) you can't get more finally final than that.

It's time to break free of the structures that have held you back so you can leap forward with the Sun and Pluto into the zero point tomorrow.

Are you ready ?


You might like to try the
"Your Next Step - Into the New " meditation.
Perfect when preparing for a Quantum Leap :)


The Age of Aquarius

Let's talk now about the AGE of Aquarius and what it means on so many levels.

These "Ages" or Eras are around 2000 years long ... measured by what we call the "precession of the Equinoxes". A cosmic clock if you will that shows us how the Earth axis rotates over a 26,000 year period to create a circular pattern through the constellations.

For the past 2000 years (beginning at around the time of Christ) the constellation appearing on the horizon during the vernal Equinox has been Pisces. Now we are moving between Pisces and into the next Age ... the Aquarian Age.

This also coincides with the end of other huge planetary cycles including the Mayan/Galactic Calendar.


Cycles within cycles are ending at this time.

And a Golden Age is arising.


In 2020 during the December Solstice the planets Jupiter and Saturn aligned at 00 degrees Aquarius ... in what was called the Star of Bethlehem conjunction.

Now this weekend the Sun and Pluto meet at the very same zero point.

So many beautiful signs to announce the birth of the Aquarian Age ... amplifying the AQUARIAN themes of freedom, breakthoughs, genius and higher consciousness.


The long prophesied shift of the Ages.

The Age of AQUARIUS.


Shall we sing along ? .... you know you want to :)


I've shared a lot of information today but of course in the end it's all about the energies and the potentials of this time.

The path is not linear.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (currently conjunct the moon) ... and Aquarian/Uranian energy can bring unexpected/rapid breakthroughs/manifestations.

Tipping Points.

Zero Points like the one we will experience this weekend.

Things on the outer (and inner) can change quickly when we are aligned with these higher energies.

Stay Centred
Expect the Unexpected
Miracles are Possible


And so it is !!

Wishing YOU a beautiful weekend at this very transformational time on our planet.

Let me know how you're doing.

With much love,

Julie Ann

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