The Divine Eclipse Online Retreat

Please join me and the amazing Rie Komiya for this very special mini-retreat – only offered online.

You have no doubt been feeling the new level of light flowing to our planet of the past couple of weeks. The Sun has been extremely active and we are often integrating many Solar Flares in a single day.

It’s getting more and more important to take the precious time to allow your body to acclimatise to these new higher frequencies.

We’re also building up to a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 30th … a Powerful time for Renewal and Rebirth.

This partial retreat most likely won't be visible in your region... but in any case we have been guided to gather BEFORE the Eclipse for this very special mini-retreat.

We’ll be in the potent energies of the “dark moon” … the ultimate time to plant seeds for the future … and given the power of THIS New Moon you’ll want to make the most of it.

About the Eclipse …

Not only will we be experiencing the second New Moon in the month (a rare occurrence indeed) but this New Moon Eclipse is in Taurus which aligns it with the North Node (often called the Node of Destiny) !!

At the same time the planet Uranus will be conjunct the Sun (just as it turns retrograde) … bringing the potential for Quantum Change and Unexpected Blessings.

The Eclipse is highly aspected by the Divine Feminine too on this “13” energy day. 13 is the number of Moon Cycles in a year and this only adds to the magic of the moment.


There’s a reason everything is building up … we are in a time of increased light flow to our planet. An exciting time indeed but one that is requiring a lot of our physical bodies as they integrate the new levels of energy.


During this 3 hour retreat (just a few hours before the eclipse itself) we’ll be creating a Sacred Space to prepare for the Eclipse energies.


We’ll be taking the time needed to recalibrate our bodies to align with the new levels of light that have been flowing in.

We’ll be bathed in the frequencies of Rie’s divine crystal bowls/chimes/vocals and we’ll be experiencing some beautiful meditations/processes to prepare us for the potentials of this reset.

We’ll be aligning with our most heartfelt dreams at this potent moment in time …
right before the Quantum Reset this Eclipse promises.

We’ll also be learning more about the significance of this time … the reason for the incoming solar waves and even the long prophesied “Solar Flash”.


If you feel the calling to join us in this Sacred Space we would love to welcome you.


We’re meeting at Saturday 30th  April (29th in USA/Canada)


10am Singapore
12noon Melbourne/Sydney
7pm Pacific (29th)

(there will be a short refreshment break mid-way).

If you can’t make it LIVE there will be a recording too.


The energy exchange for this very special event is $57 USD.

To save your space please click here and follow the instructions.


There is limited space for this special gathering so do register early for this one 🙂

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